Is Hrithik Roshan accusing Shahrukh Khan of backstabbing? Read statement!

Hrithik Roshan issues official statement on Krrish 3's box office collection
Yogen Shah

For a while now reports about Krrish 3’s box office collections being fudged have been doing the rounds and this has miffed Hrithik big time. The honey-eyed actor has vented out his anger by releasing an official statement. Read on to know what he has to say…

Rakesh Roshan’s superhero flick Krrish 3 starring Hrithik Roshan was undoubtedly a huge success at the box office. In fact, media reports claimed the movie had surpassed the box office collection of Chennai Express which starred Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in lead. While the Roshans were mighty pleased with the positive response, soon rumours started floating in the industry that the collections of Duggu’s film were inflated. Though Jr Roshan stayed mum on the issue, he now seems to have decided to put all the rumours to rest.

The B-town hunk has issued a statement which reads, “Krrish 3 has done a business of about 244cr India and around 55cr overseas. I wonder who these people are who have been so affected by these numbers and my success. Are they the ones I call my friends I wonder? I would like to tell them that they need not ever be insecure about another man’s success cause all they need to do is concentrate on their own hard work which in turn will help them achieve what they want.”

That’s not all! It further says, ‘”Some from the industry and certain sections of the media are hell-bent on putting me, my father and ‘Krrish 3‘ down. I have maintained my silence until now but these derogatory manipulations need to stop.”

We wonder if HR is pointing fingers at his close pal SRK. Coz before Krrish 3 became a blockbuster; it was Shahrukh’s film Chennai Express which broke all box office records, hai na? Could be, could be not. We are just guessing. We could have said Aamir Khan also as his last release Dhoom:3 literally created dhoom at the ticket windows and has become the highest grossing film ever. But AK and the Krrish 3 actor are the new BFF in B-town remember?

Hrithik maybe going through a lot emotionally after splitting up with his wife Sussanne but the onscreen superhero isn’t worried a bit about his filmi career. “In the meantime stop manipulating the press! Believe in karma. As my father and I do. And one last thing about my father and me as a team- WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN!” added the star in his statement.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Chandra Mohan

    Shahrukh will never go to the extent of commenting on Krrish 3 collections nor would he backstab a good friend. It was Aamir Khan who brought up the topic of inflated figures of movies.

    Sorry to disappoint you Hrithik………………Shahrukh has never spoken about inflated collections as directecly or indirectly he is connected to Krrish 3 through the VFX tie up with Krrish 3.

    • Lisa JD

      and how r u sure it was aamir?

    • meeeee

      aamir did not say that for krrish 3 particularly while srk’s fans were calling rakesh rochan ‘taklu’ n stuff, and srk was helping secretly…

      • lee

        not at all
        shahrukh didnt help any one secretly

    • Sandi Mann


  • Najat Razak Mumuni

    you guys your Shahrukh is a jealous man, when he see someone winning then he is mad about it, that is why he can get along with anyone in Bollywood is not like they are jealous of him, he should stop being jerk and hypocrite, one time he himself say he is a selfish person, so no wonder

    • lee

      aamir khan wis also a jealous man

      • Najat Razak Mumuni

        we are not talking about Aamir

  • hatebachchans

    hrithik HAS NOT TAKEN ANY NAMES in his statement this is again media playing dirty tricks

    • milwaukee

      SRK is well known for ditching his friends. Remember the time he accused his friend KJO of spreading rumors of that linkup with Priyanka and then he also accused neelam who is also a close friend of his wife for spreading rumors. now maybe with pressures and media manipulation, he could get that story to get it away from public’s range and now he acts so innocent like nothing ever has happened…Then Juhi chawla also said that SRK has changed and their relationship is not like it was used to be before…what proof do we need? when it comes to manipulation i could think of SRK and noone else. Aamir is not interestedi in box office numbers as such and neither is Salman becoz SRK’s name is associated with many such controversies he is referring to SRK only.

  • kelvin

    SRK can not do such things.. if he wanted to shut everyone’s mouth, he can just sign all the Raju Hirani, VVC’s scripts, which all goes to SRK first.. he could have done Robot, 3 Idiots, Munna bhai, Ek Tha Tiger and all.. but he knows he is biggest superstar and is doing different kind of cinema which other actors are scared to do.. and actors like hrithik failed to give even 50 crores with ill characters like Guzaarish, but My Name Is Khan colected 200+ worldwide.

    it’s Aamir who is always jealous of others success..

    • paaa

      different kind of cinema… JTHJ, CE hahahahahahahah lol

    • Sandy

      he didn’t do raju hirani and all movies becoz he can’t.He can only do romantic stuff and emotional movie…

      • restate

        Raju hirani can’t have srk in his movies
        That will remain a dream for him

      • restate

        And that is where talent is required …not by acting like a school boy in a college .
        Raju hirani still needs to go a very long way to sign srk ….he should be happy with the likes of amir khan who is actor with very limited talent and personality

      • Sandi Mann

        *only?* romantic & emotional stuff is real acting! nobody is as versatile as SRK – he can do any genre, and do it better than all the others put together.

    • Sandy

      My name is khan collected 75 cr in india and just a hit.

    • restate

      Very well said
      That indeed is the power of SRK

    • Karan

      Are you a retard? Guzaarish was never meant to be a huge commercial success.

      “he could have done Robot, 3 Idiots, Munna bhai, Ek Tha Tiger and all.”

      His biggest hit till date DDLJ was first offered to Aamir Khan who rejected it, his Chak De was first offered to Salman, he rejected it. There are many movies which go to another hand from a hand.

    • Karan

      My Name Is Khan collecte 70 Cr nett in India, and that too because of the whole CONTROVERSY which SRK has always needed throughout his career. And the word “KHAN” was enough to draw many viewers still it collected 70 Cr in India, but that “KHAN” tag was good enough to get big numbers overseas. Your SRK would have never done something like Guzaarish, at least Hrithik played his character to perfection as always unlike KRK sorry SRK who was looking WEIRD in MNIK. Even Aamir acted better in D 3 as Samar, and don’t even try to compare him with KMG’s Rohit.

  • Imran Arshi

    Wish you very good luck for the future HR

  • Sanjay Kumar

    media is such a bitch. an honest attempt of statement by HR being taken wrongly once again by pointing against SRK, who is very close to Hrithik

  • Beatrice F.

    I am still waiting for the day when India Media will report objectively, based on facts and leaves the gossip to others – it’s just too much of subjective chatter. It really wonders me that no one has accused Indian media of infringement of privacy and honor yet. In Switzerland that would have already happened a long time ago! And btw Hrithik Roshan has not given any names and why should Shah Rukh Khan have something against the success of Krrish3, it’s after all his Red Chillies company who did the VFX!

  • টোটালি ফালতু

    BOI, ETC, Girish, KRK, DNA all are khan favour and so they jealous to Hrithik bcoz hrithik is an actor who challenged and win over khans

    • Karan

      Of course, he’s the only one who has beaten Khans since his debut.

      He beat them in 2000 with his debut KNPH
      In 2003 with KMG
      In 2006 with Krrish and Dhoom 2
      In 2013 with Krrish 3 (later beaten by Dhoom 3)

  • leon george

    well, its pretty stupid of how people just make up stuff from this! he didn`t give names. Him saying friends doesn`t necessarily mean SRK, i mean is he the only fiend! Just fuck off

  • Sid

    Nope…. Shahrukh never has & never will say anything of this sort… They r gud friends & he admires Rakesh Roshan … Proof–

    Aamir too, doesnt get into other ppls business…. Bachcha kaun?? Lol!!!

  • restate

    I think the media guys are desperate to drag in srk in each controversy …may be to keep their business on …..srk will never do that ..neither amir nor salman …..
    It seems if they don’t write about srk their news won’t sell.

  • CMP

    Did u guys forget? It was SRK who said in a press conference that Plz go watch Krrish 3, it’s a great movie….and the very next day K3 earned 35 cr…And SRK’s company has done the VFX for K3….SRK and HR have been friends since always….Losers this media ppl are….

    • Sandi Mann

      in fact it was SRK who suggested to Roshan Snr that Hritik should be launched as a Hero!

  • CMP

    MEDIA STRATEGY – Write any baseless shit and put SRK’s name in it so that everyone notices you….

  • aisha

    Remember, anything that has SRK’S name on it SELLS & if the media wants to sensationalize, who better amongst the khans to pick on. Pple say he uses pple but the poor smuck often gets used too. The industry understands this, it’s Srk vs AK /SK/ RK/Hk/PC whatever the situation, SRK is always a constant. What city pple write, city pple read, whether it’s true or not. So let’s say,you despize him, the mare fact that u take time to read the content becos of him gives him influence over you. Bias aside, he is truly one one the most influencial figures to come out of India.
    I’m not a srk “FAN”atic , i believe the dude has a lot of issues. Nevertheless, after reading about his achievements, i was left awe of him. He simply is a business man, a risk taker, less of an artist, more of an entertainer he doesn’t only market products he is the product. I really think he would have been great even if he was never an actor, he has that “X” factor, Mj appeal & yes even the great one r insecure like everyone else. It’s said he is a manipulator, may be so, but the master manipulator never gives his victims a clue they r being manipulated & i think srk falls short in this department . Detrimental to him or not, he gets pple talking anyhow you look at it, he is more than an actor guess that’s y he remains the king.

    • Karan

      So much sucking in a single comment.

      • aisha

        It’s funny you have time to comment on “sucking”, guess that”s how much you suck

        • Karan

          Wow! What a logic??!! (Sarcastic clap)

          Btw, would you want me to suck something?

    • aisha

      It’s funny you have time to comment on “sucking”, guess that shows how much you suck

  • Karan

    I’m not sure about it, but it could be SRK. He has history with “paying media” issues. He has been accused for fudging his movies collections from Ra.One, he fudged it by 40 CR then JTHJ by 20 etc.

  • Saleh Meraji

    bakwas !!!!!

  • anon

    of course it’s not shahrukh khan. he and hrithik are friends and if so why would shahrukh khan do the vfx for krish3 or even promote it by saying he wishes it breaks chennai express records at the premiere?? must be someone else who has nothing to do with krish 3

  • Athorin De Louren

    Gossip again, sadly. While the gossip in the media is directed against different people depending on the situation, Shahrukh is always involved somehow for some reason, wether in a fight, statement or anything simliar showing the world how bad of a guy he is.

    My comment is simply, that’s how you know you are the dominant in bollywood. If this figure called Shahrukh really did all the things media is stating I will seriously start to wonder if he is a humanbeing.

    Same thing happened with Michael Jackson, being doubted his whole life and accused for doing the worse. Then when the legend dies, the media start to be on the good side, talking about their memories and accomplishments, apologizing for hardships, these legends had to live with. It is the same story, repeated over and over and media never change.

    If these articles, coming out everyday in India about Shahrukh being the ”worst” mean anything, they simply justify Shahrukh’s career and success.

  • Rhea

    SRK’s Insecurity at times get the better of him.

  • Mahesh Murali

    nice write up , dirty tricks to get hits for the article keep it up

  • Sandi Mann

    more media nonsense! SRK’s VF company did the VFX for Krrish 3, so he would naturally want the movie to be a success. furthermore, SRK has never ever belittled a colleague’s work or movie… he’s always happy for the success of the Hindi movie industry, not just for his own personal glory, like most of the actors.

  • Sachin

    Bull shit.. SRK’s company has given special effects to KKrish 3 in a closed secured room.. Any news to get hit and earn from advertisement by this site..

  • Trompadourin Tamara

    Newspaper reports H: R:-my opinion
    I suspect because the reporters write more than is actually said. Apparently you want Hrithik the ground from under the feet move to finally get a comment for the reason of separation with his wife. This I feel is a disgusting-like manner, a friendship to stop between the two. Would Hrithik in better shape, you would never believe that.

    Gone Whatever has been discussed one should not consider the Hrithik on the alleged friend is Arjun who allegedly was the reason for the separation was yes and declaims only by Suzanne than not true. And whatever was between the two Discussed and remains private. It is beautiful but that Hrithik someone to talk to was-Thank you Salman

    Verschließe nicht deine Augen vor dem Leiden und lasse dein Bewusstsein nicht für seine Existenz abstumpfen.

    One could define compassion as the sensation that another’s suffering, the suffering of all living beings is unbearable for us. Based on true compassion, we hope to be able to put the other end the suffering, and we feel responsible for the suffering.

  • Karan

    Of course its Queen Khan. He’s the only one who’s jealous of others success.

  • taker

    Shahrukh is an idiot

  • New Candidate

    hrithik is way better qualified than shahrukh in it dance,acting,looks-every department… kkkkkk kiran is hell lot old and stinky, mr. shahrukh, go and take acting classes..