Is Hrithik Roshan helping Kareena Kapoor Khan with her Bollywood career?

Is Hrithik Roshan helping Kareena Kapoor Khan with her Bollywood career?
Yogen Shah

The Yaadein co-stars have not shared screen space for a decade and it may a while before we see them together on 70 mm again. But that hasn’t affected their equation. In fact, Duggu is more concerned about Bebo’s acting career wethinks. Read on to know why we say so

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Hrithik Roshan were supposed to star in Karan Johar’s ambitious project Shuddhi. But we all know the two actors are no longer part of the film. First Kareena announced that she was unsure about acting in Shuddhi as it was getting delayed repeatedly. Then Karan Johar started looking out for a replacement and said in an interview, “I can’t expect an actress to wait indefinitely. I feel terrible for Bebo, who is a special friend— the sibling I never had.” Finally Jr Roshan too opted out from the film and issued an official statement regarding the same. But we hear Duggu had already informed KKK about his decision before he went on record or even told KJo. Now that’s so considerate of Hrithik, hai na?

Well, if HR had disclosed his decision without letting Kareena get a whiff of it then the makers of Shuddhi would have asked the Talaash starlet to back off. After all, there was a lot of buzz around Shuddhi coz it was coming together of Hrithik and Kareena more than anything else, no?

By reaching out to Bebo, the Bang Bang actor made her exit easy and so that her acting career too won’t get hampered. The onscreen superhero certainly saved Kareena from some embarrassment which is the last thing she wants on a professional note at this point, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • shakuntela

    everyone knows that bollywoodlife is biased pls shut up !!

  • Najat Razak Mumuni

    i wish they will come back and do this movie, am just hoping

  • shukla

    what kind of help Kareena needs from Hrithik. She has whole family actors in bollywood.

  • The Quidnunc

    This site lives on creating controversies. The piece of “News” is either someone’s imagination, frustration or assumptions. Yeh right, as if Karan would have asked Kareena to BACK OFF.

  • Cattypuss

    As a recent fan of Hrithik I was looking forward to seeing him in this movie. It sounded very interesting to a Westerner like me. Mythological and mysterious with re-incarnation as it’s main theme – oh well. He’s been approached for a movie called Saffron Skies. This movie has Hollywood money and actors involved. It will be interesting to see what he does after Bang Bang wraps up and finishes the 30 day promotional period.

  • nikhil kumar

    why does kareena need hrithik’s help she is talented and a great actress

  • Asha

    I own collection over thousand of bollywood best films but movies with Kareena and Hrithik bet all of them … their on screen chemistry is amazing . I always thought that they would’ve made a fantastic couple you can see so easily how beautiful this love story would be like ….. I cant wait to see them together ….. I feel like they keep meeting on screen at the wrong time. But I always believed I will see them together again. I’m sure it will all come together beautifully when the time is right. This is just the new beginning. True love never dies.