Is Hrithik Roshan really getting divorced from wife Sussanne Roshan?

Is Hrithik Roshan and Sussane Roshan's marriage in trouble?
Yogen Shah

We wonder, cos we hear that the Krrish 3 superhero is said to be moving out of his family home while wifey stays…

Okay, so many of the make-up-break-up stories that have Bollywood at centre focus are all hooey. There may be one fact that is true in the whole jhamela, while the rest is made up and heavily embroidered by PR people, the media and often the stars themselves, just to get attention just before a film releases, or for the sake of being remembered by a fickle-minded public. Be it Salman Khan giving Shahrukh Khan a courtesy hug at an iftar party and that being blown up into some magnificent reunion of friends turned foes, or Deepika Padukone cuddling with Ranveer Singh at a nightclub in Dubai being a declaration of marriage plans, the filmi duniya is full of fabulous kahaanis that could be interpreted in so many different ways. Frankly, we love all of them. And we make up a few that nobody has thought of…yet!

But once in a while a story floats by that we wish we could rewrite, for the better. Like the saga of Hrithik Roshan and wife Sussanne Roshan, nee Khan. We have two telling of the tale – Hrithik has been keeping in touch with rumoured flame from Kites Barbara Mori, which has pushed his wife into leaving him; and Sussanne has been getting a little too close to another actor, which has resulted in the shaadi ka bandhan becoming fragile. Which is true, we do not know and do not wish to discuss here. But it is distressing to think that the most handsome actor in Bollywood is having serious problems in his marriage to his (practically_ childhood sweetheart, the girl who paid for their first date, the girl he saw at a bus stop, the girl who has stood by him right through his career from his debut to his superstardom. We hear tell that the paperwork for the split is already being processed, while plans for Hrithik to move out of the Roshan home are being formulated. Do we believe this? At the risk of sounding like bleeding hearts, no. Do we want to believe this? Definitely not.

And we hope this does not happen either. Even though it will make big news…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Baldeep

    i don’t know what’s going on in between you both but please, Don’t leave each other like this.
    even main to logon ko misaal bhi tumhari deta hun whenever we talk about marriages and love.
    yar please, thoda bahut compromise karlo ek dusre k saath but don’t leave eachother. Your couple is the only couple i believe in in this whole messy b.wood..
    So it’s a request from a fan of yours and of Susanne mam.
    Do not go for divorce.
    Stay together, Love eachother. <3

  • Sanju

    Sad. Hrithik will find another one for a fact. Suzzanne khan???? Hrithik,,,why did you marry a sulli???

  • kranthi

    being a fan of hrithik… i want to see him as a noble man..
    i dont want to see him divorced especially for the mentioned silly relations. no one leaves person like hrithik, i hope this rumor stays as a rumor.

  • Jackie Watts

    Thank you for putting a more common sense spin on the Hrithik & Sussanne saga, like you I hope none of it is true. They are the hope of all true romantics, childhood romance which blossoms into grown up love with children.
    Some of the things I have noticed.
    First I noticed during the time Hrithik was supposed to have had an affair with Barbara Mori, his dad and Sussanne were there on the set. Also I don’t think a man with his type of ideals would have an affair especially when his wife had just delivered a child just six months earlier, that would be really poor taste. Secondly the couple seem to be very busy, Hrithik promoting Krrish 3 and Sussanne connecting with European companies, while she opens a new store.
    From comments made from their families, there maybe an adjustment in their relationship, but no break up. After all there are now two well developed, achieving, professionally successful individuals in the family.
    Most importantly they have two beautiful children which seem to come first in their respective lives, as all children should to two committed parents.
    Neither one of them have said anything nasty or ugly about the other, so they must be friends if nothing else. And all long lasting relationships/marriages are based on true loving friendship.
    Therefore like you I am hoping and praying they continue their friendship/marriage, what ever the difficulty is they deal with it like Hrithik deals with all the problem in his life, and they emerge stronger than ever.