Is Hrithik Roshan risking his life too much?

Is Hrithik Roshan risking his life too much?

Hrithik Roshan will be performing stunts on his own for his next movie Bang Bang. While we appreciate the dude’s courage to pull off those daredevil stunts, one question we must ask the superstar- does he have to do those risky stunts on his own, especially when the able help of expert stunts men and body doubles can be found just around the corner?

Hrithik Roshan is at it once again and we cant’s help but ask the most important question ‘WHY’?. The 40-year-old actor is shooting his next movie Bang Bang with Katrina Kaif. The superstar is steadily recovering from his brain surgery and needs to take it easy on himself.

In fact, even body doubles have been arranged for Hrithik keeping in mind his medical conditions. But when the megastar reached Shimla recently he was not happy with the action scenes from Bang Bang. The honey eyed star then quickly decided to reshoot the scenes himself. Though body doubles will be available on sets all the time, the Krrish 3 superhero has decided to do the action sequences.

One also learns that most stunts in this venture will be designed by Andy Armstrong who was worked on Spider Man 2. Naturally, all action sequences in this flick will be high-octane and a couple notches above of whatever we have seen in Bollywood movies so far. But with that exciting proposition, the risk factor also goes a couple of notches up. Why is our B-town hunk taking the risk of throwing himself into the thick of these deadly action sequences?

Hasn’t Hrithik learnt his lesson in the hardest possible way from a string of injuries he has sustained in the past? Why is he risking his life and putting even his producers’ money in jeopardy to indulge in daredevilry which can be best handled by action experts and body doubles professionals?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Cattypuss

    You can’t blame him. He’s trying to live up to his reputation as an onscreen perfectionist, and probably listening to his ‘life coach’ guru too much. I’m all for positivity, but not stupidity. With slipped spinal discs, knee problems, and a recent head injury to date, if I were him I wouldn’t be doing anything that can put myself on a life support machine! There’s no shame in using professional stunt guys or body doubles if they do the shoots justice. He needs to slow down a little and think of his boys. Hrithik……….??????

  • Hrithik Roshan FC

    Great & honest actor ever, he is trying to live up to his reputation on onscreen performance.

  • najatlovekiss

    maybe the love he had for the movie

  • Sanjay Kumar

    This is called heroism !! Hats off Hrithik

  • Christine Fain

    As he has said and as he lives his life by pushing the extreme, he will do his very best…not second best…for whatever he’s involved with. His producers are fortunate to have so dedicated a performer. Besides, they have insurance no doubt, so their potential financial loss is covered. A greater loss would be to us, his fans, should something go horribly wrong. Pray for wisdom, safety, and strength for this amazing, dedicated star and his crew. Don’t want to lose the magic!

    • Soni

      I admire him greatly… But, in my opinion he is being foolish to place himself in danger of permanent damage. Personally, I would grieve deeply were anything to cause him more harm, or prevent him from being able to enjoy his children as they grow. One wonders from where the new push for perfection originates and one hopes he will see clearly that he is greatly loved and respected just as he is, and more so, without foolhardiness. I pray for his and Susanne’s inner healing and for the healing of their marriage. Please join me.

      • Christine Fain

        Soni, I agree with you. I’d much rather see Hrithik in tons more films for the rest of his life and mine than to see him make one his eulogy. But I honestly don’t see him doing less physically risky roles from now on because they would no doubt bore him. My prayers are always with him and his whole family.