Is Hrithik Roshan sexier than Salman Khan?

Is Hrithik Roshan sexier than Salman Khan?

According to a London-based online survey, he indeed is…

It’s no secret that our B-town is filled with good-looking dudes. A poll conducted by a London-based online survey has revealed that Hrithik Roshan has stayed put on his numero uno position in the second year of the survey too. Whoa! Now that’s an achievement, no? But who was Hrithik competing against this time around? Eastern Eye Newspaper revealed that Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, John Abraham, Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and Ali Zafar were the other stars who were a part of the poll.

The newspaper said, “The star of 2012 hit Agneepath beat off tough competition from around the world and won by an even bigger margin than last year as he received votes from all over the world – from continents that included Asia, Europe, Africa and South America and from fans of all ages and different cultures.”

But hey, do you know who the first runner-up was? Ali Zafar! Now that’s surprising, isn’t it? The Pakistani actor was followed by our Dabangg dude Salman Khan. And Shahid Kapoor, who was last year’s runner-up, occupied the fourth position. That makes us wonder – what about Shahrukh? Guess the Baadshah had to take a backseat to make space for the newbies. Wink, wink.

While talking about winning the coveted title, Roshan said, “I am extremely humbled at the decision of the public, also a little embarrassed as I just can’t imagine myself as sexy!” Errr…really? We bet your fans won’t agree with that one, Roshan.

Anyway. For now, we let the sexiest man of Asia bask in the glory of this recognition. But till then, you tell us readers – do you agree that Hrithik Roshan is the hottest man on the sub-continent?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • shishir

    of course Hrithik is d sexiest man.
    He has d perfect lukz,mindblowing physiqe,best acting skill,great dancing skill.
    He is the most complete superstar of our Indian cinema.

    • aman

      Hrithik is real hero in Indian cinema

  • rick

    100000000 times Hrithik Roshan.(Mr.perfect).

  • sam

    Hrithik is da hottest nd sexiest.
    Salman is da F#CK…WHo neigther cnt act nor cnt dance.
    Nd of course he is gaining flesh day by day.

  • avinash dubey

    HAHAHA Nice joke…from which angle salman is looking sexxy :D ..wana see Hotness see one and only HRITHIK :)

  • shyam

    kha raja bhoj aur kha gangu teli..look at duggu and his physique..salman ko 7 janam lene pad jaenge….duggu se jyada sexy na koi hai aur na hoga..

  • pete

    He is only perfect actor and sexiest actor in our bollywood histosy.

  • saurav

    Of course Hrithik Roshan is sexist personality in the bollywood industry.

  • Dont care

    Ummm it was salman who helped hrithik get his body in to shape. without him hrithik would be nothing.

    • guestt

      Even if that was true, it doesn’t matter. The question is Hrithik sexier..and he is. He has a better body and is better looking then salman.

      • KK

        What he’s saying is that Salman started the body building trend in Bollywood. All these actors are now following it.

        If Hrithik had been left to his own devices, he wouldn’t even be considered in this way.

  • dharmendra

    hrithik rocks

  • sunny

    of course hrithik salman become old dude

  • sunny

    hrithik is super duper star

  • sameer

    hrithik is great actor he deser it this title

    • Rahul

      salman the only baki sab pani cam……..

  • adi

    Salwoman khan is the sexiest woman.

  • Rock

    No doubt Hrithik Roshan is the sexiest man in Bollywood but he has keep on working on his physic, style, costume but there are two more stars who are sexier but don’t need these things Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan.

  • Rahul

    Salman should b ……..not any other —-r

  • mehfooz

    salman khan is the best

  • jiya

    salmankhan da best in every angle he is best

  • Joyeeta Gupta

    i love both Salman & Hrithik :)
    & both are the awsmest actor :)

  • Rinee

    of course he is too cool!!! and my HR always looks more hotter than any other guy!!!!!

  • Dieep

    It Is very unfortunate that The International HUNK Hrithik is being compared with the cheap looking indian heroes like shahrukh and salman….He must be compared with Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman…..please give some respect to ur most good looking hero that is HRITHIK roshan….International representative of INDIA…

    • RAVI

      U r right bro

  • Achintya

    Hey Latika Payak..the editor of this question….R U mad…whom u r you think Hrithik should be compared with Indian heroes…Please…please…give him respect….Not a single hero can stand close to Hrithik in this Bollywood….U r extremely idiot SALMAN KHAN FAN miss or MRS..LATIKA PAYAK….

  • bhavin

    please,,, all you haters accept this… Hrithik can beat all other stars easily… he’s got style, hotness, superb acting skills, awesome dancing ability and international greek god looks… what else you want more then this… he is the all in one package… He indeed deserves to be at the top position..:)

  • zoya

    Hrithik is beautiful inside and out. He is an amazing actor and has an air of authenticity. Salman is easy on the eyes but his ego gets in the way. I never really get into the story when watching his movies, and find him annoying. Hrithik is hands down one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. Sorry Khan lovers, they got this one right!

  • Oliver Park

    my Fav Actors SRK,John,kunal Khemu,Shahid,ranbir,ranveer Singh Etc…i love hritiek’s dressing Sense hairStyle but his Face look is bad…and salman ha ha neither he looks good nor he can act people say salman khan is gay he consider his bodyguard shera as his husband lol saw it on facebook pages
    page name – Salman And Shera Are Gay Couple. Lol

    Hritiek Is Way Better Than Salman For Sure

  • Zain Kazmi

    Yess Wahoo Hrithik since made his Bollywood Debut till his new released film Agneepath was , still , and will be the Sexiest Man in Bollywood