Is Imran Khan Bollywood’s Robert Pattinson?

While Robert Pattinson goes through love problems and is constantly in the news for some or the other reason, there’s someone in B-town that we think has a striking resemblance to this Hollywood sensation

When we say there’s a striking resemblance between Imran Khan and Robert Pattinson, it doesn’t mean we envisage Imran as Bollywood’s next scary vampire hero. We will haunt him with a pitchfork for the rest of his life if he ever plans to flaunt a pale face and a Dracula kinda avatar. By ‘similarities’ we meant that there are certain aspects of Mr Pattinson that instantly conjure up an image of IK in our minds. The look, the expressions and the demeanour – in fact, Imran has himself said in a couple of interviews that a lot of people think that he looks like the Twilight star.

So here are a couple of reasons why we think that Imran Khan is the Robert Pattinson of Bollywood…..

The nice guy image:

Pattinson has always been on people’s good side. He has managed to maintain the ‘I am the kinda guy you take home to meet your mother’ sort of image. So when girlfriend Kristen Stewart cheated on him, he obviously became the subject of everyone’s sympathy. So Hollywood’s favourite nice guy in a way reminds us of Bollywood’s dearest sweetheart – Imran Khan. The two have quite successfully formed a picture in people’s minds that they are all squeaky-clean and righteous – Imran with his stable married life with Avantika Malik and Robert with his ultimate romantic persona.

Those sensitive sorts:

So while Robert is acting like a lovelorn teenager and is all heartbroken after discovering Kristen’s act of infidelity, we wonder what’s with all this unnecessary drama. But we guess people love delicate darlings like him. We haven’t witnessed Imran getting into such a situation yet, but we have heard from wifey Avantika that Khan is the homely and emotional sort. So we won’t be surprised to chance upon Immy’s soft side some day.

Youth icon:

Robert has been very smart in the way he has built up his movie career. And Imran has done the same. They both started off with roles that were sure shots to make an entry into the hearts of young people, especially women. They are fashion forward and articulate, which directly places them in the la-di-da clique and the perfect youth icon category, of course!


Mr Vampire has very guy-next-door looks, but there’s still something irresistible about him. Similarly, Imran can charm the socks off you despite his ordinary persona. They both have strategically cashed in on their cute boy image, which according to us is a very smart thing to do.