Is Indian cinema 100 years old? Or not?

The controversy surrounding the subject is gaining steam, with naysayers claiming that we still have a year to go

Everyone’s busy celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema, with even the government putting aside other national crises to introduce new awards. Bollywood stars are attending special events – Subhash Ghai organised a seminar with AR Rahman as guest speaker – film festivals are putting together special screenings and a big hullabaloo is being made about the centenary. But there’s a small group of cinema aficionados that claims that the fuss is being made a year too early. They do have a point. The first full-fledged Indian film was Raja Harishchandra and it released in May 1913. That means we’ll complete 100 years of cinema in May 2013. Right? So why are we celebrating now?

However, those on the other side have a different interpretation of events. This is the hundredth year of Indian cinema, they say. Why can’t we celebrate till the year comes to an end in May 2013? Better to celebrate now, than in the hundred and first year that begins in May 2013. Hmmm… these guys have a point too. Whom do you agree with?