Is it finally over between Rubina Dilaik and Avinash Sachdev?

Rubina Dilaik and Avinash Sachdev

A little birdie told us that the couple has split for good

Popular telly actors Rubina Dilaik and Avinash Sachdev, who met on the sets of Zee TV’s Chhoti Bahu fell in love and were all set to marry in a year or two.

Rubina often spoke of Avinash as a romantic and vice versa. All was well until some months back when rumours started doing the rounds that Avinash got romantically involved with another actor which upset Rubina. The two decided to give each other space. If we heard right, the duo had a reconciliation and got back together with a little help from family and friends. However, that did not last long. In recent press interviews, both actors refused to comment anything about their personal life. It seems, the couple have now split for good and shut the shutter on the romantic liaisons with each other.

Avinash is currently seen in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir; while Rubina, who left Punar Vivah to do Devon Ka Dev…Mahadev is now working in Sab TV’s Jeannie Aur Juju.

The couple looked great together, it would be really sad to see them part ways especially since they were so gaga about each other. Guess time will truly tell us what the real issue was, no?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • avish

    Avi.. shrenu is beautiful and very match for u.. What a jodi Avi and Shrenu.. Plz together in real life

    • Nihea

      Hellooooo People!!!!! AVINA are made for each other,,, stop comparing,, respect ur actors,,, they can’t split nor break up,,,, we love u AVINA

    • hiba

      shut the mouth avish ,shenu & avi is unmatched jodi on or off screen & app loge kaise kisi oncreen jodi ke liye kisi real life couple ko alag kar sakte plz stop talk nonsense & don’t compare shenu with rubi ok& plz don’t say like this again or if avi left rubi for another girl so what is the prove that he will not leave that girl with another girl plz stop this stupidity we are fans of rubi & we do not want to listen this again ok

  • rose

    Lol writer seems you are kinda really happy about this. Time will tell. This jodi was brought together by Kahna. They will seperate by Kahna wish.

  • sim

    Shrenu and Avinash look good together

  • alisha

    shrenu is the perfect girl for avi…but im not sure its shrenu or some1 else :(
    aviii,,,shrenu is made for u….dont ever leave her <3

    • hiba

      shut your mouth those who want that avi & shenu together ok & don’t compare shenu with rubi ok………….

  • josliyo

    They are not can get the pic of last sunday they are in the party with sharad & keerti.even avinash tweeted their pet recently to shut ppl mouth.his pet was rubi’ s gift.but still i don’ know imagine stupid things.

  • Nihea

    Aaa Hello people!!!! How could u even compare shrenu with RUBINA,,,, why don’t u understand that avi nd rubi are just made for each other;-)<3 these articles and rumors are fake,,, just don't pay attention to this,,,,,, just admit the truth that AVINA are "RAB NE BANADI JODI" and please it's a request from (avina's fans) PLEASE stop posting these kind of articles,, we believe in avina,, nd we know they will never split nor will break up their relationship,
    MADE FOR EACHOTHER<3<3<3 ~~~~~~)))))))

  • maris

    toooooooooooo bad dey av to be together

  • Gombe

    Avinash and shrenu are best together

  • flowerosa

    Don’t compare shrenu with rubina.she can’ reach up to rubi in any the show as show.avi and shrenu guys are deaf and blind you can’ t see himm .how he is making fun of her.her smile & body.didn’ t see how he gets irritat even to give intevirws with her.check his cb offscreen vedios .he always found staring at her ‘ pulling her cheecks & spending quality time ‘ enjoying with rubi.stop thinking toomuch .he has very beautiful girls as friends.shrenu can’ t even reach up to them .rubi is very far.


    we love avina a lot……

  • Kira

    Please stop bringing Shrenu when she has nothing to do with this. I am Shrenus fan and can not see the need to bring her in the story between Avinash and Rubi when she has nothing to do with this. She is only his colleague, like Shalmalee or Geetanjali are…

    And to one group and another…Who we are to decide about private lives of those actors and actresses….do we have any right? Enjoy their acting and leave them live their lives… GOSH!!!!


    i m agree wth u hiba……..u r right……
    Avina r made for each other………