Is it too late for Sajid Khan?

Director Sajid Khan has finally accepted that making Himmatwala was a mistake – and we certainly are relieved that he can admit it. But isn’t this rather too late in the day – is he not stating the obvious?

Sajid Khan made tall claims about his film Himmatwala just before its release. In fact, a day before the film hit the screens Sajid said in an interview, “I knew my film will be a hit when I started writing it.”

We knew the film would be a dud after watching the very first trailer. But that’s not all! The Housefull director even went on to say, “If 80 per cent of the audience in a theatre doesn’t whistle and clap during Ajay’s entry, I will change my name. It will be among the top three hero entries in Hindi cinema.” Sajid, the way your film tanked at the box office, you should have thought of changing your profession instead, no? And by the way, you are still called ‘Sajid’, hai na?

But all said and done, the director has finally come out of the…err…closet where he has been hiding after the flop and taken responsibility for the disaster called ‘Himmatwala’. In a recent interview Farah Khan’s brother said, “As the captain of the ship, it is entirely my fault. I let down my audiences and I hope I will never do that again. Somewhere you have to take responsibility for doing things. I did not commit a crime. I did not make a bad film. I made a wrong film.” Happy realisation, Mr Khan!

Now we do appreciate Sajid’s honesty, but there is something we don’t agree with. The Himmatwala director also stated, “Nobody wants to own a flop film. We were depressed, but we have moved on. I think I have to shut up. I am a fast learner. I don’t take myself seriously, but I do take my work seriously. Though Himmatwala is a dear film to me, it did not go down well with the audiences of today.”

We do agree with the first the part, but frankly can’t see how Sajid is a quick leaner. After all he took seven months to realise and admit to a mistake that shouldn’t have been made at all, right? And as for the ‘I have to shut up’ part, he should indeed, without a doubt, and focus instead on how to bounce back with a bang.

PS: Hey, Mr K, Himmatwala wouldn’t have gone down well with the audiences of yesterday or tomorrow either!