Is Jackie Shroff gay?

We heard the story making the rounds, but find it difficult to believe

He started his career with Hero and did a number of roles that were macho, mostly gun-toting cops, street-smart taporis and tough guys who occasionally did cry. Over the years Jackie Shroff’s presence on the big screen waned, and he was last seen playing a godman in a sort-of-biopic. We heard stories of his battle with the bottle, his whimsical nature in his small screen appearances and various theories on why he wore his head covered in a colourful bandanna all the time. Now comes a shocker – Jackie Shroff, all-male, studsy, girl-magnet, et al, told a website that he is gay. The site claims that the actor was chatting casually with a coterie of journalists and told them that he prefers men, “a natural feeling”, he said, which developed fairly recently; all through the 80s and 90s he was attracted to women, but that has now changed, it is reported. Jackie apparently wept as he insisted he would be moving abroad without his family, to somewhere that his sexual orientation would be respected. Is this a true story? It gets some credence with the whispers we have heard often about Jackie’s wife Ayesha being involved with other men, but we have our doubts, because we prefer to keep our fond memories of the man who romanced Madhuri Dixit in Khalnayak and like our spin on Amma dekh, tera munda bigda jaye rather than the Dostana version! Any which way, we wait to hear what Jackie himself has to say on this and to find out whether the website is next heard of in court!