Is Jacqueline Fernandez the new Katrina Kaif?

Is Jacqueline Fernandez the new Katrina Kaif?
Yogen Shah

It looks like the Sri Lankan beauty is walking down the same path as Kat. Well, we aren’t talking about professionally but personally. Confused? Read on to know…

While Katrina Kaif has romanced Salman Khan onscreen quite a few times, Jacqueline Fernandez is playing the female lead in Salman Khan’s upcoming action flick Kick. But apart from Khan connection, there is something common between Ms Kaif and the Housefull 2 actor. We all know the Dhoom:3 starlet doesn’t like talking about her relationships. Even though the whole world is aware about her not-so-secret love affair with Ranbir Kapoor, KK just doesn’t believe in giving up. We mean she loves to be diplomatic when it comes to the matters of heart. Remember the famous line  - I am single until I get married. Yes, Katrina has been using this phrase forever. In fact, in an interview she even said, ” This sentence is mine and now everybody uses it. I should have a copyright over it.” And now Jackie has decided to follow the same funda. The Housefull 2 babe isn’t going to talk about her relationship come what may.

While talking to a leading tabloid, Ms Fernandez said, “I don’t think I’d admit to being in a relationship again unless there is complete commitment. I’d only talk about it if I see it leading to marriage.” We dunno if this strategy is going to work coz in Bollywood there is hardly anything that can be hidden. But at least we are glad she hasn’t used Kat’s famous sentence.

Wethinks Jacqueline has decided to keep her personal life under the wraps coz not too long ago her ex-boyfriend Sajid Khan blamed her for his film Himmatwala’s debacle. Well, Sajid can blame anyone he wants but we all know who is guilty here, right? So Jackie doesn’t need to worry about that. As for the whole ‘no personal talk’ resolution, let’s see how much it works. Hasn’t helped the creator of I-am-single-until-I-get-married so we wonder if it will work for Jacqueline.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • ayesha

    jackuiline is soooo pretty then katrina …
    katrina is old old old ….

    • euglo

      O salman ke bakht jaqueline looks like cheap imitation of katrina and salman now is wooing her so leave katrina alone she is most beautiful women unlike jackie

    • najatlovekiss

      do you even no what you are talking about

      • ayesha

        no i dont know what i m talking about ..plz plz NAJATLOVEKISS u tell me ???……ha ha

    • really!

      U jealous! Katrina has no comparison with jacquline! Jacquilne can be compared with dibika! Katrina is undisputed queen of bollywood!

      • ayesha

        jealous who ??? TRUTH IS TRUTH , jackuiline is so beautifull and prettiest then kat …..

      • ayesha

        KATRINA is not queen of bollywood .bolywood queen is just KAREENA KAPOOR KHAN
        KATRiNA is a britisian queen ….. not bollywood

        • truly

          Katrina is real queen of bollywood, rest of all are queens of one year they got successs!

    • naina

      oh please…. she is just 3 years younger than kat

      • ayesha

        see thats the main reason JACKUILINE is younger then KATRINA and she is still beautifull & more pretty then her ….

        • Veronica

          She is just one year younger than katrina. lol

          • EE

            Katrina lied about her age from beginning , she is 81 born not 83 or 84 , that insecure woman

          • euglo

            you seem to know more about katrina than whole world obssesed much what proof do you have she is born 81 not 83,84 insecure witchika fan

          • Jeannie

            She is totally an insecure woman and very secretive. There is no place for her in modern Bollywood…A family member met her and observed Kat was extremely arrogant and unfriendly with staff and people on set.

          • buhahaha

            So do you think she should be like dibika who kissess directors( leela bhansali) n ranveer n srk n hug producers, she might kisses cameraman :p

          • u idiot

            Its your cheapikas words n mind! She born 1984 but she looks 24 to me!

          • naina

            so true i thought she was 25 or younger before

  • najatlovekiss

    i think two off them are beautiful in their own right, but i think katrina is the most beautiful one,

  • truth

    Katrina is far more beautiful than every other actress in bollywood!

    • Tammi

      Just no. Wow…

    • ayesha

      bcz KATRINA is LONDON not from INDIA thats why she is pretty and most beautifull…..

      • gg

        And the most racist comment of the week goes to… -.-’

        • ayesha

          ha ha truth always hurt ……she is not indian

      • laant

        What you are barking, londo india london india, she is known as Indian celebrity. You people are using cheapika fadukones mind!

        • ayesha

          but she is not indian ……….

          • laant

            So what! Its not the thing to be over prouded, poonam panday n cheapika fadukkne are indians!

  • Spency

    Katrina is far better than Jacqueline,and there is no comparison between them….

  • Akiko

    I will never understand how people can consider Katrina being beautiful. Like no.

    • euglo

      Like people will never understand how deepika can be considered sexy and beautiful like big no

      • Govin

        Like people will never understand how Katrina can be considered talented. Like huuuge no. Hahaa

        • Catz Al


        • euglo

          and like people will never understand why katrina is on top just because she is talented even deepika admited it soo giant no :) )

          • Maya

            Girl, she’s “on top” because she got lucky concerning the people she worked with.. She is a bad actress with one and the same face expression (and I’m not saying that cause I’m a deepika fan.. cause I’m not)

          • euglo

            oh really she has won acclodace for many roles of her just for 2 movies and she is bad actress uhhh why r u guys so oblivious to her talent it seems some are hell bent to prove she is the worst person in the world atleast she is doing whats best for her carreer if you want to watch actress why not waste your time saying good abt other actress and please dont spread negative energy

          • ayesha

            thumbs up …. best comment of this artical

          • priya

            She is lucky but she is intelligent too thats y she survived in bollywood for 10 years!

        • u dumb

          What talent cheapika has ,tell me, she knows hindi, she laughs showing all teeth, she kows how to overload herself with makeup, she knows how to copy others, she steals dress from hollywood actresses bin! People are mad calling her talented, she failed in her bachelor n left studies! She copies Katrinas statements n everything she does cheapika copies her! She is talentless n brainless old kalo bandri!

    • han g

      Oye cheapika ki PR bkwass na kr! Teri cheapika 1000 kilo makeup kr k ati h r skin show kr k khubsurat lgny ki koshish krti h!

  • khushi

    Salman ke saath jaise hi koi new actress kaam karti hai to use Katrina kaif ke saath com pair kiya Jaata hai. Ye sabhi me se koi Katrina ke jaisa nahi ban sakta. Kyu ki Katrina kaif most beautiful girl hai. To please not compair for other actress….

  • Solomon Korn

    Puhleeeez… this is just a PR gimmick being floated by producers of Kick to popularise Jacqueline. She cant be Katrina in a 1000 lives. Where is that drop dead appeal?

  • Bane

    Can u ever imagine Jacqueline set the screen on fire doing Kamli?

  • R0202

    Yes… and Armaan Jain is the new Salman Khan

  • Ratri

    that’s ROFL joke of the year

  • muskan kaif

    I dont understand why peaple saying everytime Katrina is not good actress, plastic surgery. I know she is not gud act but she is really too hardworking actress in bollywood and her hardworking is now today the name of top bollywood actress list

  • muskan kaif

    Offcourse Katrina Kaif is very diffrent and nyce actress in bollywood than every actress

  • Tia

    Kutrina is not at all a good human being….

    • fact

      Then ur cheapika is good human, who always speaks bad about someone!

  • Jeannie

    Noooo, don’t want another Kat. One is more than enough. Jacqueline can act and that makes her easy to watch in movies.

  • dust

    Cheapika fadukone ki PR bkwass mar rae h!
    Revealed: cheapika fadukone is going to fuck ranveer tonight!