Is John Abraham pushing himself too hard?

And we wonder about it only after hearing tales of liquid diets and physical injuries. So what’s up with this one…we find out

John Abraham is a sucker for action and physical fitness. And that’s totally fine. But a shocking buzz floating around about a combat scene from the sets of Race 2 made us all gasp. So what are the birdies talking about? “John Abraham gave it his best and pushed himself to the extreme limit both in terms of training and diet,” our feathered friend informed. And this extreme limit includes being on a liquid diet completely for one week, to achieve a ‘beefy and lean’ look.

Apparently, a hand-to-hand combat scene which had around 540 air-kicks was shot with trainers being flown down from Vietnam. And unfortunately, John ended up hurting himself. “It was a cage fight sequence and is one of the biggest highlights of the film. In fact, even though John ended up with a minor injury, we still shot the scene till 2 am and completed it,” producer Ramesh Taurani said.

All through it all, John enjoyed the adrenalin rush. We totally understand that, but wonder – isn’t John Abraham pushing himself too hard?