Is ‘Kahaani’ an apt movie title for a thriller?

Vidya Balan’s latest film will leave you moved and ensure you watch it sitting on the edge of your seat. But is its title thrilling enough? Especially when you translate it into English?

You are eager to watch or have eagerly watched Kahaani, but would your response to the movie have been the same if it had been titled Story? Both mean the same thing, no? But there’s something about Kahaani that Story lacks. Something undefinable. This is not the case with just Kahaani. There have been several thrillers in Bollywood who have done better business because of connotations attached to their Hindi titles. With two thrillers releasing this month (Kahaani and Agent Vinod) we take a look at how tepid our older Hindi movies sound when their titles are translated into English.

Chandi Sona

Silver Gold (What’s scary about that?)

Kaala Aadmi

Black Man (Hmmm… somewhat mysterious but not much)

Khoon Khoon

Blood Blood (More funny than scary!)

Parde Ke Peeche

Behind The Curtain (Oooh, we are shaking… with laughter!)


Objection (To what? Do we care?)


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