Is Kajol no longer Karan Johar’s favourite?

After watching The Dirty Picture, KJo seems to have found a new muse in Vidya Balan

For many years now, producer-director Karan Johar has maintained that Kajol is the best actor in the industry. He has always tried to cast her in every film that he directed. If for some reason she couldn’t do film, he ensured that she at least made a cameo appearance as he considered her to be his good luck charm. But it seems like Johar has found a new actor to go gaga over after watching Milan Luthria’s The Dirty Picture. Johar, who recently saw the film at a special screening, was super impressed with Vidya Balan’s portrayal of the temptress in the film. He even made a sweeping statement on Twitter: “Every mainstream actress needs a grand lesson from Vidya Balan on how to submit and give your heart and soul to a role…she is beyond words!” He further added, “Her performance in DIRTY PICTURE is by far the bravest and best performance I have seen of any actor in years….she is the benchmark!!!” Appreciating the effort put in by the makers, he tweeted, “take a bow team balaji!!! Super film!!! Rajat’s brilliant dialogue…milan’s nuanced and superb control over the plot…dirty picture rules!” Commenting on The Dirty Picture producer Ekta Kapoor, KJo said, “Ekta has truly emerged as a producer with a commercial perspective and yet breaking ground vision….more power to her!!!” Well, we have no doubt that Vidya has given a bravura performance, and that Karan’s remarks are completely sincere, but we just hope that he hasn’t upset his favourite heroines by making this kind of sweeping comment!