Is Kangana Ranaut India’s Lady Gaga?

The Krrish 3 super girl is famous for her “different” wardrobe and fashion sense. So much so, that her fans are comparing her with the iconic international popstar…

Kangana Ranaut has always made a point with her dressing sense. Strong, quirky and hatke are her style mantras. But does she like being compared to Lady Gaga who’s known for her fashion antics internationally? “Comparisons keep happening. I don’t think I should be compared with Lady Gaga because I am an actress and she is a pop star,” the 26-year-old said told the reporters at the Blenders Pride Fashion Week.

“But every woman today is very powerful when it comes to fashion, be it Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga – all of them are experimenting with their looks. I think in India also we should do a lot more of these looks and clothes and make women look very strong,” Kangana added.

Kangna’s latest release Rajjo bombed at the box office. She is currently shooting for Queen and Revolver Rani.