Is Kangna a better choice than Chitrangda to play mutant in ‘Krrish 2’?

The Ranaut gal can easily fit into the body hugging costume, while we can’t say the same for Singh. But is that enough?

After many merry-go-round rides, Kangna Ranaut has agreed to play the villain in the sequel to Krrish. Costume fittings have already begun as she will be playing a mutant along the lines of Mystique in the Hollywood film X Men. Reports in a daily newspaper claim that an extremely tight body hugging costume has been designed for her, by the same designer who does all of Lady Gaga’s clothes. You may remember how we had told you earlier that Kangs has been asked to lose five kilos for the role, as the costume is such, it will let not let sleeping bulges lie. Now Kangs is the skinniest of the current crop of B-town actors, and yet she has to lose weight. So imagine how much Chitrangda Singh would have had to lose if she were to play the character. Chitrangda had agreed to do the film, but later backed out. While the official version is that Krrish 2 shooting got delayed and the Desi Boyz gal no longer had the required dates, the unofficial version was that she did not want to kiss Hrithik Roshan in the film. We think it’s something totally different – she knew she won’t look good in a body hugging costume! Didn’t she claim recently that all reports about her and Deepika Padukone fighting over the same outfit were false as she is more curvaceous than Dippy and will never fit in her clothes? Same logic goes here too. No heroine will want to look awkward next to an Adonis like Hrithik! Yet, we don’t think Kangna is the right choice either. There is one advantage that Chitrangda has over Kangna. You see, the mutant costume is expected to accentuate the wearer’s bosom. Really accentuate it, like say, Catwoman. From all that we have seen of Kangs so far, it just doesn’t seem like she can fulfill that requirement. She will need all the help she can get, whereas Chitrangda could have done it easily. If you weigh the pros and cons, of course Kangna wins, but we wouldn’t say it’s the perfect choice. But then, as someone pointed out to us, Kangna doesn’t really need any special make up to be convincing as a mutant. That’s a definite deal maker.