Is Kapil Sharma controversy’s favourite child?

He maybe a funny man onscreen but off the camera Kapil Sharma has courted quite a few controversies. Let’s take a look at the not-so-funny side of nation’s most loved comedian

Kapil Sharma is a known face in biz world courtesy his popular show Comedy Nights with Kapil. The talented stand-up comedian is no doubt good at what he does. In fact, he is one of best in the business. He pokes fun at everyone, entertains B-town celebs and most importantly his fans and audience. But his witty persona is just for the camera it seems. Off screen Sharma, like every other celeb, has thrown his weight around and starry tantrums too. Hard to believe but that’s the story of every successful star, isn’t it? So here are three big controversies involving the CNWK host

Apart from Kapil, what really worked for Comedy Nights was Sunil Grover’s character Gutthi. Apparently, due to creative differences between KS and Sunil, the latter was asked to leave the show. Later, reports did the rounds that Kapil had patched with his colleague and even wanted him back his comedy show. However, the channel and wasn’t on the same page as Kapil and hence there was no comeback by Gutthi.

Then came the whole Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) walk-out episode. Kapil took on none other than Salman Khan here. The comedian was suppose to host the inaugural day of CCL along with Mandira Bedi, but the former left the organisers in a fix by backing out at the last minute. Reports did the rounds that Kapil and his team walked out as their demands weren’t met. We hear Sharma wanted a vanity van ad his team also asked for few other things from the organisers.

And the latest one, I am sure, you’ll know. Just a few days back, we told you about Kapil Sharma and Yash Raj Films parting ways. Though YRF’s official statement claimed the decision was mutual, hush-hush whispers in tinsel town suggest otherwise. Reportedly, Kapil wasn’t giving time to his debut film Bank Chor which was being made under Y Films. In fact, the comedian even demanded few changes in the script, we hear. And that’s the reason why he was shown the exit door and replaced by Riteish Deshmukh.

The YRF deal was a big ticket to Bollywood for Kapil. But now that its off the table, we wonder how badly will it affect Mr Sharma’s plans to make a grand acting debut.