Is Kapil Sharma more popular than Aamir Khan?

The famous comedian never had any qualms against the Dhoom:3 star but now he seems to have replaced Mr Perfectionist. Read on to know how…

Kapil Sharma has suddenly risen in fame and that has made him a household name. But has he become more famous than Aamir Khan? The recent happenings surely suggest the same.

Our khabroos inform that Kapil has been recently appointed the brand ambassador of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The other celebs who have been appointed alongside him for promoting the general elections are Virat Kohli, Soha Ali Khan, KK and Toral Rasputra. Aamir Khan had been previously approached by the Election Commission to be the national icon which is on hold at the moment, the Election Commission then went ahead and asked the Comedy Nights With Kapil star and he readily obliged. Talking to a leading daily Ankur Garg, chief nodal officer, said, “Kapil has a big brand and celebrity value. We want the elections to be like a festival. It should bring smiles to people’s faces. Kapil is someone who makes people laugh.”

The Election Commission is roping in these celebs to create awareness among the aam aadmi about the upcoming elections. The EC is encouraging more people to come and vote so that the best person can emerge victorious. On April 4, there is one such voter awareness program which Kapil and KK will be a part of.

Now we don’t know whether Kapil took over Aamir’s role intentionally or not but it surely seems that way. He also has signed a three film deal with Yash Raj banner, who had given their last hit with Aamir Khan. Who knows whether there was another angle to that story or not. Hai na peeps?