Is Kapil Sharma trying to sabotage Sunil Grover’s The Gutthi’s show?

Comedy Nights With Kapil

Sunil aka Gutthi has quit Comedy Nights with Kapil and intends to start his own show

Sunil Grover who entertained millions of people as Gutthi in stand up comedian-producer Kapil Sharma’s popular show, Comedy Nights With Kapil (CNWK) has called it quits. While this is disappointing news for all CNWK fans considering that Gutthi had his own identity on this show, the actual reason for this untimely exit is not known.

Speculations have been rife about how this popular character from CNWK was offered a separate show by a competition channel. However the makers of CNWK claim that Sunil demanded a hike that was almost three times the sum he was already being paid. They also claim that Grover took a few days leave to perform at a show abroad that never happened.

While some say it’s about the moolah others feel that there’s an ego clash between Kapil and Sunil, also there are rumours of the actor approaching makers to produce his own show – The Gutthi Show. This real life tamashaa is surely turning out to be as interesting as their comedy show. The question is – Has Sunil Grover grown too big for Kapil’s show? Is Kapil Sharma trying to sabotage his ex-colleague’s new show?

But all we know that Comedy Nights with Kapil won’t be the same without Gutthi, hai na? Nobody can really replace Sunil Grover in this show. BollywoodLifers, do you think Sunil Grover should start his own show? Will The Gutthi Show pose tough competition for Comedy Nights with Kapil?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • jagrati tiwari

    no.because unity is streangth of every show.and this show gave more popularity then grover should think again bfore leave this show…..

  • Geeta

    The show is made up of many artists. It is incomplete without anyone missing from it. While Sunil Grover is a good artist, Kapil is witty and SPONTENEOUS !!
    Does Sunil Grover have an ego problem. The show is hardly 5 months old!!

  • n

    dande see maro saale sunil grover ko. guthi ho ya na ho kapil is best comedian ever dats it. so gutthi go to hell. u r nothing in front of kapil.

  • aparna sharma

    v sad to know dat guthhi left d show.even ill stop watching dis show now onwards as he was d most entertaining part of d show.m sorry

  • Jagrup Singh

    I think this will be a setback to Kapil’s show. Sunil was equally popular in CNWK. Sunil should rethink his decision and Kapil should also try to accommodate Sunil’s demand in order to keep this show a success.

  • Abhishek

    The show is so so incomplete without Gutthi. She for my family was the real flavour in every episode. Kapil should try and get her back. Else the show will loose its popularity. I personally atched the show till the end in the last episode waiting for her to come and was disappointed to not see her.

  • k s devaraja

    kapil is so clever that he has designed the show in such a way that any body leaving will not affect the show in the least.Since each episode is different and as such there is no contiunity problem, kapil can afford to remove or add characters at his wish.In a comedy show it is essential not to overdo or repeat the characters so as to sustain the curiosity of the audience. Sunil can always return in new avatar. In fact sunil playing different characters is more interesting than doing guthi again and again.

  • devesh

    Sunil its not good. please come back.

    we will miss GUTTHI very much

    please come back

  • radha

    Sunil should come back!! We miss him


    kuch bhi ho agar gutthi show ayega to ek aur comedy show dekhne ka mauka milega …. darshak ko kya chahya—- jyada se jyada comedy show ………. DEKHNE KA AUR EKDUM MAST REHNE KA … BINDAS !

  • Surajdubey

    Dekho sunil apne jis maidan me khela usi me gadda khod rahe ho lekin kapil is pil wah maidan me ek ke out hone ke bad do 2 player gadda karta hai

  • Surajdubey

    Dekho sunil apne jis maidan me khela usi me gadda khod rahe ho lekin kapil is pil wah maidan me ek ke out hone ke bad do 2 player gadda karta hai kapil2

  • Raghu

    I think CNWK will go without Guhi, there are many talented artists and Kapil himself is enough to entertain us. I guess Guthi has over confident that he can start his own show.

  • siddhish

    gutthi is bst….but should not leave cnwk coz no 1 can stand up like kapil…..gutthi cnt stand up like him…..

  • moin baag

    We really miss u gutthi… and but sounds gud dat u r attending own show… so best off luck…

  • devki

    i think Kapil should carry on with new episode and don’t worry we are going to watch his show always….. kapil himself is sufficient for the show but kapil please naye episode loyo yaar……….. kisi k bina kuch nai rukta sunil ji ko baane doa aur show unhe b hasne doa public ka double khun barega u both r best …..

  • aaron

    already quit watching the show sans gutthi left.kapil’s jokes are monotonous now.v’hav watched enough stand up from kapil to forsee his jokes.Even though gutthi had a particular routine evry time,sunil grover still made enjoyable.that’s comendable!

  • Saket

    MAD in India will get a ‘BABAJI KA THULLU’ from the audience.