Is Karan Johar confused?

While Karan sticks to making the NRI brand of cinema for his own banner, his support goes out to the new age multiplex cinema

Bollywood has shifted its focus from the candy floss NRI entertainers to relevant films etched in Indian ethos like Ishqiya, Band Baaja Baraaat, Do Dooni Chaar, Udaan and others. And our very own king of NRI films, Karan Johar seems to be doing the same, at least as far as his support goes. He recently admitted that earlier he would get scripts that were targeted at the NRI audience but these days aspiring writers have been pitching films with references to either an Omkara or an Ishqiya. And keeping with the trend, off-late the director has been going out of his way to support films that are low on glitz and glam but high on story. It was not very long ago that he applauded Udaan and recently, he even showed up at the music launch of Amole Gupte’s Stanley ka Dabba, alongside Mumbai’s world famous dabbawalas, which by his standards (at least a few years ago) used to be a strict no-no. From a high-flying fashionista director to a down-to-earth filmmaker, box office has its own way of humbling the high and mighty. He, along with the Chopras, was instrumental in pushing Bollywood into the NRI space but the changing trends seem to have confused him. Strangely, Johar’s production house Dharma still continues to make films that are high on gloss like Student of The Year and Koochie Koochie Hota Hai. It seems to us that someone is stuck between acceptance and denial!