Is Karan Johar reconsidering Hrithik Roshan for Shuddhi?

Is Karan Johar reconsidering Hrithik Roshan for Shuddhi?
Yogen Shah

Not too long ago, Duggu backed off from KJo’s Shuddhi as the honey-eyed actor didn’t want to delay the magnum opus any further. But it seems the onscreen superhero is back in the race to sign the film…

Karan Johar’s ambitious film Shuddhi has been in the news ever since the film was announced. The buzz around the project went a notch up when the talented filmmaker roped in Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor Khan to play the lead. Sadly the both the actors opted out of the film and soon rumours about Ranveer Singh stepping in Jr Roshan’s shoes started floating in the gossip world. In fact, reports also did the rounds that Karan was planning to rope in his jigri dost and superstar Shahrukh Khan for Shuddhi. However, the Koffee with Karan host is yet to finalise the cast. While Ranveer and SRK seemed to be the top contenders for KJo’s film so far, we now hear that Hrithik is again being considered to play the hero in this much-talked about film. We don’t know how true this piece of information is but that’s what media reports claim.

In that case, we wonder if Karan is reconsidering Bebo too. After all, the USP of Shuddhi was coming together of Hrithik-Kareena on the big screen, hai na?

With so many twists, Karan Johar in the meantime can actually make a film on the casting of Shuddhi wethinks. Giggle…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • grace

    ha ha,OMG!!what a confusion.hpe it shd nt be a super flop movie…..
    but yes al bebo’s n duggu’s fans wants them to be paired again in on screen.

  • Suraj

    Daggu and my bebo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Bebo!!

  • Cattypuss

    Oh for God’s sake! How can Johar ‘re-consider’ Hrithik when it was Hrithik himself that walked away from the movie – and besides, 2 of your Bollywood publications have stated that Hrithik has been signed to do Ashutosh Gowariker’s project, Mohanjodaro. A movie about the ancient Indus Valley civilization. He didn’t met Hrithik in Delhi to discuss cooking recipes, did he? No word from HRo himself on this either. Johar needs to stop jerking everyone around and just get on with it. What’s he trying to prove….????

    • jayh

      Maybe the dude knows that no one els that hrithik can fit the role..and shuddhi looks more interesting than asutosh film

      • Cattypuss

        Yes – I’m guessing Johar does know – he can read posts from fans like anybody else, and the overwhelming majority want Roshan to play the role. But there are strong rumors that Hrithik has already signed on to do Ashutosh’s movie Mohanjodaro. Can’t be in two places at once, can he? :-)

  • charmed

    good day mr Johar sir…..HRITHIK will make an awesome presence as Shiva in Shuddi…….please take the role HRITHIK ji…….the movie will be a super super super blockbuster….. with deepika padukone as Sati……….awesome most dynamic pair……

  • charmed

    deepika and HRITHIK cos they have excellent talent,,,,,,and hrithik can do the dance of destruction tandava ……which most stars cannot do.