Is Karan Johar taking a sly dig at Ajay Devgn ?

Is Karan Johar taking a sly dig at Ajay Devgn ?

The fall out between these two is finally out in the open, Read on to know how..

Karan Johar and Ajay Devgn are friends no more. Recently reports in the media suggested that all was not well between KJo and his former best friend Kajol’s husband Ajay. It seems that the latter didn’t like the producer director talk about his wife and children in a certain manner and expressed his anger over the same.

Now it seems that their fall out has become quite public. Karan took to Twitter congratulating the entire team of Singham Returns after a movie trial. He mentioned Rohit Shetty and called him a ‘superstar!!!’, but conveniently forgot mentioning the lead actor of the film Ajay Devgn. In fact he didn’t even mention his on and off bestie Kareena Kapoor in his tweet!

We wonder if this was a case of forgetfulness or a well-thought attempt to make his fall-out with Devgn public ?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Cm

    U guys r so desperate you guys always try to create some nonsense .What if he didn’t mention ajay devagan or kareena it doesn’t mean anything

    • Jillena

      Right !!!! I don’t unserstand were is the problem.

  • sachin

    He is a director…he just appreciated other director…there is nothing….

  • Mahi

    He’s not clever enough to be sly.

    He only has 140 characters to work with, though. What, exactly, are you people expecting from that?

  • Chacha Chaudhury

    Kya Gaandu-panti hai ye?

  • Guest

    Kya G@@ndu panti hai ye?