Is Karan Singh Grover using his relationship with Jennifer Winget to make a successful comeback on TV?

Is Karan Singh Grover using his relationship with Jennifer Winget to make a successful comeback on TV?

Think of this dishy due along with his dainty wife and you are all smiles and awwws… (in a cute way of course), but isn’t their PDA getting a bit too much?

Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget are known for their Kuhllam khulla pyaar karenge hum dono image. While we don’t mind the hunk getting all up, close and personal with his wifey, we were wondering if Karan is indulging in all this PDA to grab some extra eyeballs? Why do we say so you ask? Well, we are not denying the fact that the couple is very much in love. But recently we told you that after Dill Mill Gaye – which was four years ago-  Karan and Jenny are making comeback on TV in a Holi Special, Masti Gulal Ki.  

While that is a good news, a leading daily quoted a source as saying, “When the couple came out for the red carpet appearance of the special Holi show that they were shooting for,they ended up flaunting their affection before the media. Karan kept kissing his wife. He said, ‘Whenever Jennifer is by my side, I am always excited.’ He was in a good mood, cheerful and full of energy. Jennifer quipped, ‘Bas yahi karte raho (Keep doing this)’ They were cuddling, kissing and looked very much in love.”

Hell we don’t even mind; after all, watching Karan and Jenny coochie cooing with each other is always cute and fun. But what we are scared of is that if the couple plans to land a show together, the show might not be aired at prime time. After all, adult content cannot be shown when children are also watching TV, no? Wink!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • ksgianforlife

    you are talking crap, just like always
    are you jealous or something?

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    wow never heard so much crap
    y u guys are always behind kajen don’t u have any other work
    useless people

  • Aziz Samiyar

    Hi every I think this news is not baseless because these two people are the cheapest
    Couple in Indian television instead if they want to they can join adult industries and sunny Leon is in India she can give them some job but anyway if these two are coming in show I will not let my kids to watch their show because never know this take off his wife pant and one more thing is now clear that he was fired from zee tv it very clear picture because of his alcoholic habit

    • Teja Ksgian

      After contract if actor want to leave then that is not called fired by channel its called actor walked out from The channel get u r facts correct

    • rajsua

      Yes then watch only spiritual shows and bhajans … as now both bollywpod amd tv shows shows kiss … u stopped watching films and tv na …

    • fariakhter

      aziz u shoud stopped watching films to even indian shows where they r showing more jaez naaajaiz thing so shut ur mouth befor speaking because u rnot here tojudge any1 u willlbe more worst imsure so becareful using bakwaas on ur face socallled human talikng like udont watch movie or show big shame onu lol

    • fariakhter

      ksg left show and whocares 4 socalled muslim show which isnot even close muslim reality ru muslim so u r happpyto see quboolhai if u have shame so do fir against makers of quboolhai because they r showing crap about islaam willl u shame on u ifudont have guts

      • Salam Pti

        well said Faria

    • Apoorva

      Everyone answered u enough…i jus wanna say “why dont u just get lost..anyway he doesnt neeed ppl like u…nor do he need to do anything for publicity…and abt qh he was not fired he left…and u can compare the trps to see how much we ksgians love him”

    • tammanna giri

      uncle go n get a life!!!! wat u do in ur room its none f our concern disgusting man!!! from a ksgian

  • Teja Ksgian

    What rubbish u guys seriouly out of u mind or what shame on u r journalism guys seriously they are popular couple and people love to see them together some other couple invited media to their honeymoon also but karan amd jen are private couple we crave to see them and like this stupid articles they are not coming out what u r problem man cant see good things happening they are decent in their space just cheek kiss is not much to show off get facts right and want eyeballs on u r site for apriciation dnt write cheap articles

  • rajsua

    Just t like u guys publishing rubbish to get attention ..
    Even amitabh bachan kissed jaya bachan in an award show show will u stop watching his films …

    And people who are talking abt nt letting childern see daily soap i will they themself 1st make themself openminded then teach children what to see what not …

  • Rc Kajen

    simple u ppl need to be sued bwlife

  • rajsua

    Site name bollywood life and ek kiss pe ek bawal macha rahe ho lol when in every film actor actress kisses onscreen
    And tv me bhi kiss hota hai didnt ram and piya kissed on the show
    Then u u shld shldnt watch any tv shpws or films watch only bhajan

  • shishira

    headng n content doesnt match ppl….learn sme journalism first then write……n watz wrng in kajen behaviour doesnt every couple do dis….u ppl need to b sued first n he doesnt need to use his relation to catch extra eyeballs r to be successful….u r out bw

  • Aayoooo

    karan don’t need to show off his love for jenni they love each other and respect each other too much ….
    and guyes karan is much popular then this that he will know use relations for getting populare…
    he is already popular among all …. he don’t need more

  • anu

    anyways though i like ksg as an actor, too much of pda s unwanted for,,,,,,,,, we all know how couples romance n no nn to show it so explicitly……..anywayz am nt gonna watch dis with my family…..

  • noshin

    Karan dnt nead to shw hw much he love jenny
    n he dnt nead anyone to be success full ok so shut ur boly mouth
    evry one knw that hw big star he is ….u balady cheep ppl go 2 hell u guys nead publicity that’s why always us ksg, s name …u moron

  • Swati

    as a matter of fact all the shows shud be saisd a goodbye cz none of the crap shown is children material either ways….ridiculous article!!!

  • Priyanka Kundu

    Want to say just one thing GROW UP MEDIA PEOPLE

  • annanyaksgian

    whats your problem
    may be he refused to give u interview
    he dont need to do anything for succeess,we r always with him
    he is kissing his wife
    disgusting media

  • Vrushika

    You media people are just crap man … In televison industry u basicaly hve a prob wid KSG nly… No matter hw gud he bahaves, u guys wil remain d same … U guys r jst jealous as he does nt open up n gives IV blindfoldedly he talks nly wen he wants to n dis is wat pinches u media people d most… Get a lyf yaar, he jst kissed once wo bhi on cheek of her wife nt ny1 else n u r d nly guys who keep on looping d video n play in slw motion n tryng to create Hawwww momnts n encash ur news… Karan does nt revert bck wid comments does nt mean u guys wil tell nything u want too…
    Y u blame him sooo mch n at d same tym wen he is in frnt of cam u lke mad n crazy rush behind him to get a byte…
    Thre r many other couples in tellywood who gve cuddling momnts but dats nt made news coz dey dnt hve KARAN’s nme in it n they cannot cash deir creepy news soooo mch wid dose names…

    • Salam Pti

      me agree too Vrushika.

  • KSGForever

    First of all Karan Singh Grover doesn’t need to “USE” anybody to make a comeback on screen…..the very fact that 100′s of articles and bytes on Karan (One of such from you bollywood Life!) from the media these days, in spite of him appearing on a star plus special for a SINGLE day just proves how much in demand he is! He can get a show at the drop of a hat…..thats how much hyped and loved this personality is!
    And as far is Him and Jenny are concerned, they don’t need to prove anything to anybody….their fans know everything and love them endlessly…so shut your trap and stop posting such crappy and baseless articles on Karan to garner attention……all these media people are basking in the glory of HIS stardom, like really! Get a LIFE, Bollywood Life!

  • Musk an

    Well he is already sucessfull he don’t need to use his wife and he can lover her if u love ur wife then that doen’t mean u r using ur wife

  • Musk an

    U guys r disgusting I think zee tv gave u money for writing these rubbish things

  • Mehvish Khan

    woh get a life people, He is a way bigger star to indulge himself in some cheap tricks like this, he simply kissed his wife there should not be any problem to anyone

  • fariakhter

    bigb amitabh bachaan kissed jaya now telllll alll ksg hater media nd loser why he wants touse jaya lol kollllll lo karlo media ki baat couple dontcare about media lol on ur face

  • fariakhter

    who write this artical 1 ithink he or she jeolus ogfkajen or never watched indian tv shows what ksg did its nothing indian shows r showing morethen this loser writer kch tu info rakho and aboyt films jotv par ati hain lol

  • tammanna giri

    he knws his “work” very well dats d only thing matter !!!! 4 yrs back dey r d most happening love birds on TV n now as couple nothing has changed…n comeback u dun worry abt dat …we r der crazy ksgians!!!!

  • Samanvitha Shetty

    The one who posted this is senseless and mad..
    Karan and Jenny are married and this gives them license to do whatever they want to do with each other whether its kissing cuddling or hugging..
    and the show makers chose the host as kajen only for getting and they got too….
    and plz never post these kind of things and dont insult a journalist by this ..

  • Guest

    No , Jennifer Winget is using Karan .

  • Hania

    Karan is a super star he doesn’t need any help….n he literally love