Is Kareena Fevicol Kapoor trying to outdo Priyanka Babli badmaash hai Chopra in ‘item’ numbers?

Is Kareena Fevicol Kapoor trying to outdo Priyanka Babli badmaash hai Chopra in ‘item’ numbers?

The two babes have buried the hatchet – and no, not in each others’ backs – and have shown the world that they know how to behave like grown-ups, but has peace really been restored between the two? 

While Priyanka Chopra, who was pretty much against item numbers at one point, is all set to shake a leg in Sanjay Gupta’s Shootout at Wadala, Kareena Kapoor seems hell-bent on giving PC some serious competition. She has given her nod to Punit Malhotra for shaking her booty to not one, not two, not three, but four item numbers in her next film Gori Tera Gaon opposite Imran Khan. We can imagine KK feeling at the top of the world, just like a kid who brags about how she has more candies in her school bag than everybody else.

But since PC has an ear for music, we hear the track Babli badmaash hai is personally chosen by her from a set of three songs. She will also be paying tribute to yesteryear divas such as Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi through the song. It seems the number is sanitised of all vulgar lyrics, double meanings, et al. Kareena hasn’t had the privilege to anything of that sort yet. If some day she releases a solo album, people may think of consulting her to pick a track.

What’s surprising is that PC, who was so not keen on entering the whole item number race, and Mrs Kareena Kapoor Khan, who had declared that she would henceforth keep a safe distance from anything that’s downright bold after marriage, are getting down to battle it out for the crown of the ultimate item queen with all confidence and vigour. Now that speaks volumes about their rivalry, no?

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  • guestt

    PC will do great. Shes an AMAZINGGGGG dancer…way better than any current actress. And her facial expressions are to die for. Not to mention shes effin hot.

    Kareena has two left feet, overacts with her facials and isn’t as hot as priyanka. Cant wait to see this.

    • Sajid

      Oh yeah, that would explain why Priyanka hasn’t had a single HIT song post Desi Girl in 2008 :) cause she is simply the best ain’t she? haha, talk about being deluded.

      • gaurav suri

        sajid: r u serious ?
        shall I list the songs of pc hit(rather super duper hit) after desi girl so that u feel ashamed of urself ?
        com tell ?

  • Sajid

    The most absurd article I’ve come across in recent times. HOW is Priyanka’s item song even connected to Kareena or any of her item numbers? And for the record, Punit’s next is called GORI TERE PYAR MEIN. Do your research properly the next time if you don’t want to make a complete FOOL out of yourself again, miss Bollywood lifer!

  • Ash

    Kareena is much much much Better than the fake PC.pc thinks that she can do anything after releasing her album&barfi.but!so sorry to PC &pc’s fans.because its not Kat or dipps.its BEBO.she can do anything weather it’s act or dance.after all,she is the queen of Bollywood &the style diva.well done bebo.keep it up

  • Sam

    THIS IS GONNA ROCK!! Babli Badmaash Hai will be awesome!!!

  • LOL

    Nope. They’re trying to outdo each other in their cosmetic procedures more like!!!!

  • Sure

    this site is nothing but hate for kareena.

  • Hasan

    This article is wierd. Stop comparing them. PC is a better dancer thann kareena anytime but she maintained her distance from item songs for a very long but at end she too need good songs each year on which she can perform at shows.

  • Miley

    Kareena has proved herself with fevicol and chamak challo
    I look forward for her 4 item songs since the director of i hate luv stories is awesome! the movie was epic, even the music so i’m sure it’s gonna be great because he has a taste for music.
    Good luck bebo!< 3

  • Salma Hisham

    priyanka ♥♥