Is Kareena Kapoor getting fat?

Is Kareena Kapoor getting fat?

The latest pictures of the once-size-zero Bebo seem to show that she is getting rather rounder than we remember…

A few years ago, when Tashan was being made, Kareena Kapoor got alarmingly skinny. She went on a diet-exercise regimen that would make any bootcamp recruit quail in their…err…boots, and showed off not her sexy new shape, but her starvation-style ribcage in a lime-green bikini and other such skimpy outfits. But even as we disliked the skeletal image, never mind that Bebo insisted that it was achieved in a healthy way with her eating her favourite parathas, cheese and pasta the whole time, it was obvious that her co-star of the time, Saif Ali Khan, was most approving. After all, it was while the film was being made that the two got together; and have stayed joined at the hip ever since. And over the past year or so Kareena has been less strict about her diet – the no-diet diet, remember? – and has slowly been gaining curves. In Ra.One she managed to look sexy even as she wobbled a little in the tummy region as she sang Chammak challo with Shahrukh Khan. And in Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, with her dishy young co-star Imran Khan, she looks positively portly in comparison to her previous avatar.

Today we got a new photo of the to-be-Begum Pataudi where she is coming out of the airport with one hand over her tummy. And she seemed to be desperately trying to cover her middle with her stole. Of course, us being us, we are willing to take it as anything from an attack of the burps to just making sure that her drawstrings are properly tied, but as folks in the business of Bollywoodian speculation, we cannot help wondering whether the gesture is in any way significant. Is there a baby Kapoor-Khan-whatever on the way? Or is Kareena merely trying to suck in the bloom and look less voluptuous than she has been doing lately? We will keep wondering until someone tells us different.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sara

    This is FAT!? Seriously stop with negative messages.

    • Kin

      I totally agree. You’re a public page and you’re misusing that thoroughly esp. for the kids today who’ll take inspiration from such a ridiculous article. Get your facts right.

      • dinesh

        she is pregnant

        • Adil

          If she is pregnant.. aint there one question on your mind. WHO’S THE FATHER? ANY GUESS(SS)ES(SS) Now who S? Cmon guess :P

  • Sid

    Have to agree… that does NOT look like fat to me, or 95% of the population on Earth!!!
    On the other hand, you could’ve commented on how horrible she looks without makeup!!! Ugh… it’s like looking at a man with long hair!

  • Amith

    Must be pergnant….

  • Sis

    Shes soooo pregnant!

  • sidd

    this is not fat….u guys are in media u should be responsible enough…use ur words clearly guys…u r one of the reasons young girls today r becoming more and more anorexic….i mean look at beyonce’ knowles she looks fab gorgeous and people at holly wood cherish her not print stupid articles about her…

  • sarada

    Kareena looks just right and perfectly healthy. Why term this “fat”? Agree with Sidd, that articles like this result in anorexia and bulimia among young girls these days. And she might be pregnant, or not. Either way, it would help if the entertainment media started talking in a lot more polished manner and be less crude when talking about your subjects. Oh but then how would you know, subbies, editors and reporters are hard as callouses themselves about any sense of humanity.

  • renasa

    yes since you guys are such a big doctor! you guys can tell she if pregnant?!
    and have you ever thought that it could be her role demanding her to became a bit more fuller then her usual self..? wow! seriously

  • nayanika

    She is so fat! One should not be grateful and happy just because she isn’t size zero and hence atleast doesn’t look like a tranny. She has a natural tendency of putting on weight and it is showing. She IS fat. Beyonce Knowles is not fat, she is just deliciously voluptious. There is a difference between that and Kareen here, curves don’t mean a paunch!

  • JS

    Fat????? She looks gorgeous!!

  • tiya

    Even if she gains a little weight , she’ll still look 100 times hotter then any of url hahaha… Stupid people criticize as if url so perfect!

  • Ruchita Sarvaiya

    Hey!!! LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE!! She’s looking great, as always, and doesn’t need go go under a microscope. yet. Find something else to do with your time, guys! All you papps are the limit, man.
    Its called PERSONAL LIFE fora reason!!

  • Sana

    Ermm they r called thighs, something which 99% of normal women have

    • dal

      not thunder thighs

  • RAVI

    She is not at all fat. She looks juicy & hot. I JLT.

  • HJ

    this is fat? :| i wish i was that THIN!

  • Madan Gupta

    she is pregnant

  • Pubbi

    I have a feeling she is pregnant. If she’s not maybe she just wanted to get back to her healthy body. Plus look it seems like she came back from gym. Too skinny is not pretty. Having a healthy body is much nicer.

  • bindiya

    shelooks graceful n pretty now well if ths is fat i would love to b so as she looks owesome simple sweet elegant !……. three cheers for kareena yoh …….

  • Shalini

    She looks more beautiful now.. Her size zero looks made her look sick….

  • Vick Gandhi

    You guys really need to draw a line and mind your own biz. This by now way is related to your business and gossiping about people’s life is not media and communication is supposed to be all about. GROW UP! Let people live their lives normally like a normal human being. You are evading privacy and are trying to put words and thoughts in a common man’s mouth

    • Cami

      So true! this media has a wicked habit of creating pointless controversies instead of showing some real news!

  • Preshina

    In south africa we call those thunder thighs. Yeah! She was always fat until a while ago. What happen to her cellulite, she had it removed or should i say blasted out. What do you guys mean “beautiful”? Affter undergoing cosmetic surgery and throwing gods gift away, you cant talk or write about these freaks as beautiful. In south africa they are freaking jokes, nobody cares!!!Preshina, South Africa

  • sana

    no offence but this article is absolutely disgusting irresponsible journalism. I also challenge this journalist to look 1/10th as good as Kareena in a red halterneck, or red sari in Chammak Challo. Secondly she is NOT FAT. For your info ‘Fat’ is someone who is over weight, in technical terms BMI over 25 over, Healthy weight is BMI 20-25, looking at her pic kareena is probably on the slim side of BMI 21, PERFECTLY NORMAL, which majority of women would love to be. Also what is the point of this article, that Kareena should loose weight back to her bag of bones & no bum look of Tashan..size Zero doesnt suit 99% of women, especially kareena who is a punjabi sindhi. Look how unhealthy & malnourished her face luks in Tashan. Also I challenge any guy who thins Kareenas more attractive, with her protruding rib cage in Tashan or her sexy curves in Chamak Challo. Im sure If Kareena was 2 go bk to the size zero, this Aditi carli will write an article about how shes lost to much weight

    • Mahek

      Totally agreed with every point sana . Thumbs up !

    • KELAS


  • HotBilli

    Come on guys,us gals need to comment on some fat actors now haha.why is it always the Actresses getting the critisism about their weight,totally agree thats what starts off eating disorders.Kareena looks Great no matter what weight she is.or what weight she will be tomorrow..

  • bansu

    bebo.. if u getting fatty u look batter than your zero figure… <3 <3 <3

  • saif

    looking great in new look than 000000000 size sexy

  • Armani

    You are so nice

  • Kareena

    Hello sexy girl

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