Is Kareena Kapoor Khan a hypocrite?

Is Kareena Kapoor Khan a hypocrite?
Yogen Shah

Bebo’s recent statements are quite surprising. Remember how last year the B-town beauty said that Deepika should credit her for Ram-Leela’s success? But now the Gori Tere Pyaar Mein starlet seems to have changed her stance. Double standards, eh?

Kareena Kapoor Khan is one actor who has never shied away from speaking her heart out. Call her rude or straightforward, doesn’t matter coz that’s who she is. Also, Kareena has always been vocal about how her personal life has dominated her professional space. Yaad hai she said on Koffee with Karan that most of the films she turned down were coz of the host and her dost Karan Johar? But Saif Ali Khan’s begum is no longer the same. Not too long ago in an interview, Kareena had said, “For me, 2014 is all about being happy and content, spending time with my husband, as well as saying no to friends (for acting in movies). This is something that I haven’t done in the past.” Isn’t that a complete U-turn? It is but maybe KKK realised its better to keep friendship and business separate so we get it. Finally sanity prevailed, hai na?

But very recently Ms Kapoor Khan said, “I think it’s in very bad taste to talk about roles that one doesn’t do. A role belongs to the actor who plays it and no one else.” Now that’s a complete shocker considering she was the one who had stated, “I confess that I’m mad. There have been times when I’ve signed a film and then felt it was wrong. Yes, I was supposed to do Ram-Leela, but I changed my mind. I decided to do Gori… instead. With me, it’s all about the mood. I’ve missed the chance to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. But there’s always a next time. I’m the only heroine who can boast of giving films to other heroines!”

Lagta hai failure has changed Kareena Kapoor Khan completely. Or maybe the babe is just trying to be diplomatically correct since she really cannot afford to rub anybody the wrong way in the industry. After all, she WAS Bollywood’s No 1 heroine but now has hardly any films in her kitty. So it’s better to be all goody-goody than throw around attitude and make outrageous statements, no? Well, that maybe Bebo’s strategy but it does make her a hypocrite wethinks. What do you think Bollywoodlifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Manat

    The writer here is >>>> Bollyb <<<<
    So let me tell you Bollyb i have seen your last 6 articles on Bollywoodlife and i know i can say 100% you are a son of bitch and Biased! Your agenda again Bebo is very obvious and you even dont tried to hide it.. so what should I can say to stop you for beeing biased!?
    You already have your fav. actress and you are supporting them openly.. but you should respect others.. is it possible for you? I dont think so.. and because of that i called you son of a chutiya.. !! Let me tell you Bebo-fans and other fans know about your cheap agenda!

    • EE

      Doesnt change the fact that she is arrogant and has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way

      • Insaaniyat

        ahaan so what? should she play nice and be inside a devil like Miss Despo?
        Ranbir Ranbir Ranbir.. ne mera Dill todra hai awwww.. 10yrs later usne mera Dill todra hai awwwww

      • VarunABC

        Varun has changed his name here he is the user ABC who writes always the same thing haha o got you hahaha

        • EE

          Ya, so what? Nothing wrong in writing an opinion, you can buzz off stalker

          • VarunABC

            Nahi Nahi sab kush theek hai desperate hater awwwww…

          • EE

            Get lost stalker

          • VarunTheChamcha

            Hahaha Why would I ? CHamchu you write the same thing on every post dammmm you have no life. Are you the writer of this article hahaha

    • YogenShahBastard

      Its yogen Shah aka Bollyb.. and lets see

  • Manat

    Sec. PART II
    it was annouced that she is doing ram-leela and when she walked out of the movie this media asked her, actually you asked her too and she had to answer because of the gossip your cheap gossip page was doing!! Did you mention that she said Deepika has done good work?no HENA? and your motherfucker hena? in your fucking fat lollypop assssss…

    • Neerjara

      Kasam se aap baaton pe me toh marjani!!

  • Varsha Gopal

    What on Earth is your problem? Every single article you write is against Bebo.. Has someone given you a contract to write all articles against her or something? She’s fabulous and always has been so.

  • Sahir

    Its a bit too late for attitude “change” in terms of her bollywood career now. She has said no to films that smashed box office records like, Kaho Na Pyaar hai, Hum dil de chuke sanam, Kal ho naa ho, Ram leela….like what an idiot man. Its a known fact that people look their best in their young age and film industry cashes out on that, but Kareena’s day of youth are gone and wasted. Also, damn lady…for a change, learn to say something smart and sensible (blatantly contradicting your very recent statements only makes your perennial dumbness more consciousness).

    • Sahir

      more conspicuous*

  • Neerjara

    Dimag kharaab hai kya tum bhailogoki?? Haan?? Yen bebo shebo jaye Bhaar meh!! Ithe meri fav hero hrithik nu bivi chhod ke chalo Gayo hai!! Neech Kul thi Bhagwan hi bachaya hai my one and only pritam pyaare ko! Abhi prob yehe hai ki kisi bhi Tara se saif nu kareena ko chhorni hai vo bhi chutki bajake!!!!! Jai mataji

  • <3cppd<3

    She is facing karma babe. Accept or not everybody knows dat she is completely finished. Nobody even cares for her now! She is a woman with double standards. Everytime she is against her contemporaries. Now, she took dig at deepika for ram-leela and it seems that my DP knows well how to handle this flopstar! my dear bebo stop it now. You are no longer in demand. What should i say to you?! Keep doing your small endorsements to have little pocket money but do keep watching bollywood movies hah. i mean keep watching your contemporaries becoming extremely successful unlike you. Rest in peace bebo we gonna miss you but we will manage. Take Care!! Bye bye tata!
    Whoever feel concerned may reply and wait for my answer with a red candle in your hands :D

    • sheena

      how very correct you are . she looks old and tired . even karisma looks hotter than her. pride has a fall

      • <3cppd<3

        Thanks Sheena. I agree her sister is hotter than her. Bebo is so arrogant and over confident. Thats why she is totally jobless nowadays and is found begging every directors. She is so desperate for work i tell you :D

        • Jay

          u knw u r jealous of Bebo’s success u moti…She is the only one actress who can never fade away… She is a star and she will be…u people just keep censuring her , I dn’t knw why,,, I think u all r just mother-fuckers..
          First change ur nasty attitude and open up…Singham returns was a dhamaka…Not finished yet Bajrangi Bhaijan will smash every booly record..keep watching Glutton and Moti Kalmuhi…shut ue=r mouth…!!!

  • Eman

    Kareena Kapoor the best of Bollywood stars are always active in its technical

    • sheena

      I don’t understand why you guys are still saying kareena is the best when she has not even given any hits for a long time . common on guys its time to give credit to the new talents who are much more humble and professional that karena aka I m the best kapoor full of self praise of herself . she should actually have a child because soon saifu would be too old .

      • FuckBolly-life

        shes simple the best thats why!!! and thats the solution go and have a child!!
        you will go and watch srk making love to his daugther

  • Hena

    You asking me Hena Bollywoodlife!? So i will tell you she is not a hypo. to me deepika is black bitch who pays you bollywoodlife! You support her hamesha hena? and as many said Bebo is beautiful and hones no need of jealousy.. black pandas

    • jay

      I totally agree…Bollywoodlife is biased and run by ugly Deepika’s money…DP has no fashion sense..she just copies other,,such a faltu actress

  • Bebolicious

    I love you Bebo My Queen!

  • samita

    she’s the best part of bollywood!! Queen of bollywood!!!

  • Sudheer Yadav


  • pooja

    KAREENA k. iss and wazz a FLOP STAR…wid very few hits in her entire long career…She is arrongant, mean and self centered actress widout d act in it…She iz and has alwayzz been envious and jealous of her contemporaries.. she alwayzz BARKS at them…Though they r huge stars wid lots of hit films 2 their credit…She iz in a nutshell only a SELF PROCLAIMED SUPER STAR as she always calls herself…though I used 2 like her a lot…But attitude-wise she is a very mean and a BAD bad person….She lost all her respect from me bcoz she doesn’t seem 2 know what humbleness is..LIKE DP, Sonakshi and other successful actress who r so sweet n down 2 earth…I believe she also needs 2 take sum acting lessons from Kangna Baby….tHough I wish her luck…