Is Kareena Kapoor Khan jealous of Deepika Padukone’s growing popularity?

Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone
Yogen Shah

Saif Ali Khan’s begum has said that she will no longer do a film as a favour to a friend. Now that’s a bit shocking, coz so far Bebo hasn’t minded doing roles, item songs or blink-and-miss appearances in films for the sake of dosti. Is her new resolution due to her recent films failing? Or is the Gori Tere Pyaar Mein heroine insecure of a certain Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela star?

At a recent event Kareena Kapoor Khan made it very clear that she would accept a film only on the merit of its script and nothing else. Even if the film was being made by a friend, she would not oblige. She stated, “For me, 2014 is all about being happy and content, spending time with my husband, as well as saying no to friends (for acting in movies). This is something that I haven’t done in the past.” Her last film Gori Tere Pyaar Mein (GTPM) was a big dud – she did it for jigri dost Karan Johar, whose Dharma Productions backed it, and let go of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela just to be part of the Imran Khan starrer. Though Kareena inists that she doesn’t regret not doing SLB’s desi version of the Romeo and Juliet story, it sounds like the B-town beauty has done some rethinking, hai na? But is KKK aiming her ‘no films for friends’ stand specifically at Karan? After all, the producer-director-now actor recently said that Deepika Padukone – who took over the Ram-Leela role and aced it – was his favourite heroine now, remember?

Another reason wethinks KKK is pointing fingers at KJo is that Saif Ali Khan’s begum is now unsure about acting in Karan’s ambitious venture, Shuddhi. She said a few days ago, “I don’t know when it will happen. Since one and half years it has got postponed. I haven’t met Karan Johar and Hrithik Roshan is busy doing a movie titled Bang Bang. Whenever the movie goes on the floors, I will decide whether to do it.” That’s strange, coz Bebo was supposed to be gung-ho about the project and even agreed to act alongside Hrithik after ages. Remember how the Yaadein co-stars were linked romantically once upon a time and the story goes that when now-estranged wife Sussanne Khan objected, Hrithik refused to work with Kareena again? So if the Talaash actor was ready to share screen space with Duggu and was enthusiastic about the film, what went wrong… and so suddenly?

Maybe Kareena’s dosti with Karan has indeed gone kaput and hence the back-out. But is Ms Padukone the bone of contention or is there more to this story? Reports of DP replacing Saif’s biwi in Shuddhi have been doing the rounds, and the gossip world has also been whispering about how the Koffee with Karan host is eager to sign the Ram-Leela actor on for three films. Will Shuddhi be one of them?

Whether Kareena is angry with Karan Johar or insecure about her new rival, we dunno. But her new funda can only help her filmi career, especially if she gets more selective about her work. Will we soon hear a denial of the Kareena-Karan rift? We hope so!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • pinky

    God this bitch is nothing without karan johar. Now she has become a flopstar while deepika, priyanka, katrina are going high in their career. She is afraid of doing shuddi coz she might be linked to her once bf hrithik coz hes single now. Now Mrs khan can retire from BW and stay at the padaudi palace forever.

    • Manish Singh

      i think u being a bitch urslf consider others alike….;)

  • gjgkkkyiy

    Have you heard cheetah jealous of a turtle’s speed? Rubbish right? Same is your article. Kareena is senior to deepika and sustains till today because of her talent. She fethed numerous award and applauds for her performances. Most of her movies performs poorly at the box office, yet she was tagged as the number 1 actress and still is counted as one of the leading heroines. It is because she is a powerful performer. She has curved such a niche for her in bollywood that failure of her movies hardly affects her career. So shut up and shot bitching her.

    • Shivam Murari

      Ameesha Patel is also a senior to Deepika Padukone, but we know who was the actress of Race 2. Sheis being counted as a strong contemporary only because of some of her past films. In any case, she has lost it. The top three are Deepika, Katrina and Priyanka right now.

      • Manish Singh

        no i guess u shud b no1…actress….;)…:D

    • sanju

      Kareena is famous now just bcoz she belongs to the kapoor family

      • gjgkkkyiy

        If it is so then her movies would have never floped

  • shreya

    I swear do u bl writers sleep with deepika padukone? Does she bed u guys? Filthy morons

    • Manish Singh

      yeah ur right…..she’l do nythng for cheap publicity nd fame… defaming othr more talnted nd beautiful actresses…..

      • EE

        Chu***e , no class or respect

        • Manish Singh

          get lost…..

      • aliya

        kareena should have slept with kjo to mend her flop career

    • gjgkkkyiy

      Cheapika will remain cheapika nly

    • vishhh

      Shreya who u sleep with??

    • aliya

      don’t u think u r crossing ur limits what about kareena who sleep with kjo so he casted her in kkkg and then kk became hit.

  • Manish Singh

    why ru people always targeting nd bitchng about KKK….it just dusn’t affects her or her superstar status …..she dusn’t evn knows tht u guys evn exist….but still shes so imprtnt in ur life…right….??:D….LOOOSERSSSSSSSSS

    • gjgkkkyiy

      Black padukone is maybe dreaming of winning an oscar soon.. ahahhhha

  • rohan

    kareena is the best.. deepika will fail as a actress soon.. and will cry and run to kareena feet as kareena is beautiful, loyal, happily married.. and her husband is a producer hahahahhahahahhaha

    • pinky

      Her husband is a flop producer. Hahahahahaha

      • gjgkkkyiy

        Nd u a flop show hahahhah

        • pinky


          • gjgkkkyiy

            U her naukrani hahahh

    • gjgkkkyiy

      Kareena started her career may be 12 yrs back and still sustains as a top heroine. It is enough 2 speak her stardom.

    • aliya

      hahahaha oh your fantasy land is sooo fake even if deepika is flopped she will never run to kkk

  • Manju

    kareena in an episode of Koffee with Karan said to Karan Johar:
    ” Karan how could i say no to u”
    and now this kareena aunty is saying these things…..Kareena aunty now u shd settle down and look after ur family. Even after make-up you looks very very ugly.

  • mahindra

    deepika bitch and ugly face

    • gjgkkkyiy

      Black padukone hahahhah

  • nand

    DEEPIKA ROCKS! Way better than flat, emotionless face Katrina

  • <3cppd<3

    i think her HEROINE movie is becoming a reality for her…she had 4 back to back flops since 2 years…she really need a good come back..hope she does not fade completely and she recovers soon..

  • JC

    Kareena hasn’t had the best of luck lately except for Talaash. When in doubt she needs to get in the ear of one of the big 3 Khans to do a film with her. Unfortunately, those roles are either going to Deepika, Katrina, or Anushka. Kareena is still a big time star but her chances are getting slimmer. But I’m still cheering for her.

  • Bollywood fan

    Kareena has been there done that and seen it all, I can’t believe this amount of crap bollywoodlife dot com keeps writing in diss to others for the favor of others. Stop comparing and saying things out of the blue. I don’t even know how such things occur to the writers of such articles in this website!

  • arohi

    its not about being jealous, she is just saying that she will no longer do filmd for sake of friendship, where did deepika came from?