Is Kareena Kapoor obsessed with her Talaash look?

Is Kareena Kapoor obsessed with her Talaash look?

The newlywed Kareena Kapoor (Khan) was spotted with her beau Saif Ali Khan celebrating the arrival of the New Year in Switzerland. But what’s with Bebo’s bling look?

Kareena Kapoor it seems is still hooked on to her garish and over-the-top flashy look from Talaash. The babe portrayed a high-profile escort in Reema Kagti’s recent release and we loved Bebo’s ‘spirited’ performance in the much-acclaimed production as well. But all we can say, going by Kareena’s recent pictures with husband Saif Ali Khan, is that the 31-year-old star is carrying her Talaash character wherever she is going on the planet.

Kareena posted this pic on her microblogging site. The newlywed couple was busy celebrating the New Year in Switzerland and this snapshot has come straight from the land of Alps. While it was nice to see both Saifu and Kareena posing happily for the camera, Bebo’s style let us down immediately.

Just look at those tantalising black stockings, the shimmery silvery body hugging dress and that loud, scarlet pout. Even the hairdo, the twinkling block heels, the clutch and the make-up is screaming loudly, complementing the gaudy look oh-so-perfectly. While Saifu is at his debonair best in his classy tuxedo, Kareena it seems has returned straight from Talaash 2.

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  • Clarinda

    I love Kareena Kapoor she is my fave actress!
    you rock alot my dear,

    • Bla Bla

      Ok me too

  • Sajid

    Umm, she is on a holiday with Saif. What is the need to turn fashion police over here?

  • sabiha

    Kareena life as an actor is finished now, so these are her last tacties to use… Giving younger look but for how long ? I think she is paired with Imran , with whom she looks his sis or aunt. Shahrukh I dont think is going to work with her anymore. Amir work one movie a year , peekay n doon 3 this year . N salma this year is also no chance to work opposite her .

  • Bella

    Come on ladies, even the most unfashionable know not to wear black tights with a cream stilettoe heal. Her dress sense here is outrageous – loud and not very fitting. Sad to say the makeup is rather, well bright in colour. A loyal fan in general terms but I wouldn’t have chosen her to rest on my arm on a new years evening!

  • Julie

    Since Kareena, second only to Sonam, is the best dressed in Bwood with a keen sense of style, I can only surmise that shoes and stockings fau pax were unintentional and perhaps due to hurried packing or lost items in travel. Her hair and makeup were spot on for celebrating New Years and she looked beautiful and gorgeous as ever. Glad that such trivialities did not affect her high spirits and ability to celebrate and be happy with her man…that’s the spirit Kareena…continued blessings to you and Saif for a very happy new year. You know you can always count on these jealous, deprived sour pusses with their pettiness to feed on you like vultures so they can have a moment of self-esteem. Pity it’s only a moment…their souls are ill with hatered.

  • Sam

    ♥ this look!! Kareena looks much better when she’s a bit fat :)

  • Pat

    I thought she looked stunning when I saw this pic. And please she’s on a holiday not a film promotion that u have to be so nasty. She can carry off any look and looks amazing here.

  • Bebo best

    Agree her shoes r lil ott! Bt seriously this is her holiday her honeymoon let her enjoy in her own way! Lets just gv them some p,ace! Stop commenting on everything! Imagine if u wre on ur honeymoon and u got got criticised for everything u wore! So shut up and let her enjoy her time

    • Aishwarya

      Completely agree! Thse media ppl r soo dumb! Dy just don’t understand! This is kareena’s private holiday who r v to comment! She can wear and do whatever she wants! So just stop commenting! Next time show us ur private hil pics and bl gv nasty comments!!

  • Rehaan

    Kareena looks pretty! It’s her honeymoon so lets just leave her alone! She’s dre with the man she loves and let her hubby saif decide if she looks stunning or not! We should keep our expert comments restricted to her media appreances only!

  • Harish

    Arrey ya!! Bebo looks stunning! Hamesha Ki tarah! Dear bollywoodlife people….don’t be so bored in life! Let her enjoy her holiday/ honeymoon with saifu. Btw fact Ki aapke pas itna time uske ” holiday” photos pe bure bure comments karne ka pata chalta hai Ki kareena is no 1 top actress and most talked bout!

  • Divya

    Kareena u rock!! Don’t pay attention to those stupid ppl!!! Dy r jealous and hv nothing better in life

  • sonal

    These idiots don’t seem to know that sequins are meant to be worn during the holidays!
    Kareena rocks as usual!

  • Rishi

    Kareena is no1 actress! Data y people even want to comment on wat she does during her vacation! Kareena looks stunning and so does saif

  • Sudha

    Bebo rocks! Looking fab! Love d pout! It’s natural not like stupid pc whose gone under da knife trillion times!!

  • Riya

    Kareena looks stellar! You all r just jealous of her!!!

  • Ankita

    Bebo rocks!! Pay no heed to thse people! Really guys y don’t y’all turn fashion police for the ugly plastic priyanka chopra or the fat Vidya balan!! Bt then again bebo is no 1 !!! So even she wears something on her private holiday y just have to comment!

  • Chahat

    Kareena Kapoor is awesome! Look the bag, shoes and the red lipstick! Only she can carry anything wid attitude and grace! Ask pc, Kat, bips, Vidya dy all hv one typical style and look ugly!

  • Kareena fan

    Mr jadhav…u really have no style sense! And stop commenting on some1 s private honeymoon pics! Go do something better! Kareena Kapoor rocks! No1 actress for heroine, talaash, and fevicol se!!!

  • anika

    Kareena. you are so shameless, how did you take movie HEROIN
    from Aish ? Do you think you look nice in the movie ?

  • anika

    Kareena. you are so shameless, how did you take movie HEROIN
    from Aish ? Do you think you look nice in the movie ?

  • Latifat

    I love you bebo, without u bollywood is finished. u are the best. u really look gorgeous with ur beau in the pic, funny thing is that u look sweet in all ur pics. love ya