Is Kareena Kapoor tired of working with older men?

Bebo’s biggest hits have been with the older Khans but she has been pining to work with a younger co-star

Shakun Batra’s directorial debut, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu has been in the news for a long time, especially because of its fresh pairing. So far Kareena Kapoor has been cast with the senior Khans who are pushing forties and all of them have been huge hits. It came as a big surprise when we first heard that she was paired with a much younger chocolate boy, Imran Khan. In a recent interview, Bebo said, “I have been working with 40 plus actors for a while now, so I wanted to work with a younger hero. Imran and I make a unique pair; he brought freshness to my repertoire. Everyone’s talking about our chemistry.” As much as we agree with Bebo about working with the young guys, chances of blockbuster films coming her way are way more with the senior Khans, right?

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