Is Kareena Kapoor worth the big money she is being paid?

Is Kareena Kapoor worth the big money she is being paid?

The actor has been raking in big moolah based on her great box office record in recent times. But what part did Kareena play in the success of these films?

There are have been rumours that Kareena Kapoor is being paid around Rs 8 crore to star in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine. Now, we would be happy if B-town’s leading ladies get that kind of money. But if this news about Kareena’s latest price is true, the question is: ‘Is the Kapoor girl worth that kind of money?’ We agree that three out of her last four films have been huge hits. 3 Idiots, Golmaal 3 and now Bodyguard have been the biggest grossers in recent times. While 3 Idiots grossed Rs 200 crore and Golmaal 3 earned Rs 100 crore, Bodyguard is on its way to touch the Rs 100 crore mark. Must say that Kareena’s strategy to work with big stars in big-budget films has paid her great dividends. After quite a few unsuccessful films like Tashan, Kurbaan, Kambakhht Ishq, Main Aur Mrs Khanna, Milenge Milenge and We Are Family, the actor probably decided to focus on doing sure shot blockbusters where she didn’t have much to do.

The success of 3 Idiots pretty much belonged to Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani, Golmaal 3 belonged to the boys (Ajay Devgn, Arshad Warsi, Tusshar Kapoor and gang), and Bodyguard became a hit because of Salman Khan’s star power. How much did Kareena really have to do in terms of her performance to make these films superhits? We know that she does have a lot of potential as an actor, but looks like she is not in the mood to explore it at the moment. Apart from Heroine, where she plays the central character, her forthcoming films RA.One with Shahrukh Khan, Agent Vinod with Saif Ali Khan, and Dhuan with Aamir Khan are all hero-centric films. Again, Kareena doesn’t really have much to do here. Well, but at the end of the day B-town is all about moolah, ain’t it? And since Bebo’s films have worked magic at the BO, producers don’t seem to mind paying her huge sums to star in their films. We wonder why Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan and Katrina Kaif aren’t charging more money then. In fact, Bebo’s current competition Katrina has been the most consistent female actor at the box office in the last five years. C’mon Kat, here’s some food for thought!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • WWW

    What a load of crap!!!! Bolly B, you write biased accounts of actors with no evidence to back up your claims. Kareena kapoor is a talented actress and she has earned rave reviews for her portrayals in the films you mentioned. In bodyguard, 3 idiots and Golmaal 3, kareena held her own against powerhouse actors like aamir,ajay and salman. i doubt any other actress can do what she does. Please go watch these films and read reviews before you write your articles.And don’t think people don’t notice your dislike for kareena kapoor in the articles you write about her.

  • kk

    i TOTALLY agree with you…she doesn’t deserve that kind of money(anyways that was a rumor spread by kareena’s desperate PR…which UTV has sais is not even remotely close to 8 cr….what a shame???..she again spread a RUMOR.. about her wax statue which was supposed to be unveiled on 16th of august…WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT???(shame again)…you are a good actress …stop spreading rumors…learn to keep it simple like katrina(whose success rate is way more than yours)
    she is(insanely jealous of Ash) desperate to achive whatever ASH has achived.

    • Kritz

      I hvnt heard sch kind f rumours yet. U might hv bn told whn she specialy visitd ur place. Hw foolish u talk. Dnt u hv any wrk to do. Katrinaz progress scale is zero. Earlier she used to shoot in 2 piece only. Katrina is a plastic doll which is usd for show off. Okk

  • karan sharma

    utter crap ypu people write…. she is the best actress in the country today…. and had a pivitol part to play in all the 3 films and was appreciated and nominated at various award functions…. and the main difference between katrina and kareena is that kareena can act… unlike the plastic Katrina…. so plzzzz stop posting such articles… prolly the proverbial cat is going to catch your tongue once Heroine releases…..

    • truth

      Kareena has an advantage. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her entire Khandan is from Bollywood so from day 1 the doors of Bollywood were open to her. Other people have worked their way to the top in Bollywood. They didn’t have it easy like Kareena. People who should be praised are Madhuri Dixit,Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif(even though she’s not that good of an actress it is highly commendable how a girl who couldn’t even speak english is one of the best today), Deepika Padukone,Preity Zinta, etc. They are real stars.And nowadays awards can easily be bought. Kareena doesn’t win awards because she’s truly deserving,but because of her popularity. She is extremely popular,likeable,and beautiful. But most of her films have been flops. Flops are Refugee,mujhe kuch kehna hai,Ajnabee,jeena sirf mere liye,talash,khushi,mein prem ki diwani hoon,bewafaa,kyon ki,dosti,36 chinatown,kambakt ishq,main aur mrs khanna,milenge milenge,we are family are all flops. it’s ridiculous how popular she is despite of all flops.And all her hits are when she played it safe with a huge star cast or with actors with a lot of star power.

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  • umer01

    sometimes I think that Kareena is more worth than she was ever paid

  • Ani

    She is not that great of an actor. If u notice the only movie that has worked in her favor is 3 idiots (due to Aamir) and Bodyguard (because of Salman) and the only other movie she did good was jab we met and that was because of 3 S (story,songs,Sahid). KGKG because of the famous star cast.

    Rest of her movies have been flops. I don’t know anyone who likes her. she is alway pouting and saying i get author backed roles. that people comes to her to act and not to sing and dance.
    she puts too much value on herself. i don’t think she knows the work humble.
    look at her contemporaries and the great body of work they have done: Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan, ANushka Sharma and eeven Katrina Kaif. These ladies have done quality work whereas Kareena goes for quantity.
    She does not deserve it, but i have noticed Bollywood should be called Familywood.

    • Kritika

      This is al rubbish…u ppl talk useless
      kareena is a superb actress. She alwaz gives her 100% prcnt. She luks fab nd is occupyng 1st position in actors race. No doubt she deserve dis position

  • Kritika

    This is al rubbish…u ppl talk useless
    kareena is a superb actress. She alwaz gives her 100 prcnt. She luks fab nd is occupyng 1st position in actors race. No doubt she deserve dis position

  • nina

    if she isn’t worth it then none of the priyankas, katrinas or ashs are either. the girl shoots for films back to back. she travels from london to US , back to india then morrocco and then back to india again where she moves across cities for promotional events and press confrences for brands she endorses(14 currently). She barely has time to see her family and maintain a relationship with her BF saif. if that’s not hard work then what is.Plus she is doing five films this year, no other actress not even katrina is doing such an amount of films. She is a talented actress with much critical acclaim and that is the reason she is hired to be part of the films she reviews of her earlier films as well as recent ones!! you will know then.

    • Shriya

      Oh wow what a hard life(sarcasm) you’re acting as if Kareena is the only actress in Bollywood who works hard. Um hello most of her films where she has played the main character have been flops.Heroine will be a flop too. She has no acting ability and always overacts which is why she chooses to do films with larger than life cast members and the film becomes a hit because of their star power not her acting or her talent. Kabhi Kushi Kabhi gham was a hit because of Amitabh Bachan & Srk. She didn’t do much. Take a look at someone like Aish. Now she stands on her own. A woman of today who is independent & doesn’t rely on other people’s star power instead other ppl work with her for her star power! From Hollywood to Bollywood.Now that’s an actress worth to be paid a lot of money.

      • shayan

        So you are saying that she got six Filmfare awards for overacting?

  • nina

    One more thing kareena gets what her market value is.Meanwhile actresses like priyanka, katrina and even ash get paid 6 crores for a film and not even garner critical(katrina example) or commercial (priyanka and ash example) success.kareena has been performing consistently since 2010 and delivering each time. sure she deserves what she is getting which is a meager 4.5-5 crore per film. and just because SRK, salman or amir are in a film doesn’t mean the heroine’s role becomes completely insignificant. this kind of mentality is what indians or anyone who watches bollywood films should be ashamed of. take kareena out of these films and imagine them with someone else like kat,chops or ash,can’t do it right? proves what kareena is to these films.

    • faisal

      u r r8 nina

  • ashu

    no not at all..there are many deserving ones….

  • umer01

    I think the actress deserves much more attention because of her great talent

  • Nitesh chivilkar

    you are so beautifull your mo. no.take away please

  • DINESH maganur

    Why not its way too…..

  • Aftab

    r u very sexy in the modler girl

  • yashp

    For Writer kindly check
    for working with biggest star she has
    roles like
    dolly chamly
    and other films

    • sameer

      horrible actress all her blockbusters are because of the male co-stars,

  • amar singh

    Not at all yaar,its just kareena ‘s trying to encash other actor’s good work and she’s getting opportunity to work with all hit people right now example salman, amir,but her coming movie with superflop saif ali khan will bring her to reality.

  • tej

    she deserves it ……… she is no.1 ……she is just awesome

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  • aod vasant singh

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