Is Karisma Kapur taking the same route as Madhuri Dixit-Nene?

Is Karisma Kapur taking the same route as Madhuri Dixit-Nene?

Karisma Kapur’s Dangerous Ishhq is a woman-centric film. Now does that ring a bell? Mrs Nene’s comeback film Aaja Nachle was a concept based on feminism, but failed to touch audiences and instead of accelerating the diva’s career, bought it to a screeching halt

There’s no denying that it’s difficult to match these beauties when it comes to acting. They have the grace, the talent, the ability to enthrall you with their performances, but what really comes in the way the instant they decide to get back to the grind and make their presence felt on celluloid after their much needed post-pregnancy breaks? The matter is simple, be it Karisma Kapur or Madhuri Dixit-Nene. The break transforms these sprightly girls, who once upon a time enjoyed running around the trees and singing romantic songs, into mature women, who all of a sudden harbour the desire to play ‘woman of substance’ kinda roles. The break acts as an epiphany moment, gears them up and gives them the much needed impetus to go out there and do something that makes an impact. They all start aspiring to be the Meryl Streep of Bollywood and when they are offered a script even remotely similar to what they dreamed of, without wasting any time they give their enthusiastic nods.
 Now we don’t really blame them, but we think that the scriptwriters who come up with shoddy concepts are the ones at fault. These once-star women have slogged for years in the industry and we think such films are an affront to their hard work and diligence. We hope the makers realise soon enough that actors of the ilk of Karisma, Madhuri and so many others – we hear that Shilpa Shirodkar is also waiting to get back in front of the arc-lights (once she is back in shape, we hope) – need to be honoured for their contribution rather than be used as cash cows in substandard flicks.
We saw the promos of Dangerous Ishhq, and it didn’t do much to change our opinion. And we continue waiting for Bollywood to get its own Meryl Streep.

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  • Risha

    Madhuri is bollwood’s meryl streep it is well known, so what aja nachle didnot go right. Her charm remains intact that is why she is still in so much sought after by many directors, yes she is 44 so she can’t do roles of someone of 20. But her fan following is still much more than any of her contemporaray of even juniros such as karisma or kajol. How dare you compare someone like Madhuri with others!!!

  • Krishna

    you guys forget that Streep was going very bad in the 90s, film after film she was a flop. Then she revived again in the 00s. Because hollywood supports talent, unlike scukcers like you who are coanstatly trying to pull Madhuri down. I think it is good that Karisma is doing a thriller, she is of AJ’s age and she can do that. While Madhuri has no match anywhere is bollywood or even in hollywood. Madhuri is one of the most accalimed actress as well as a huge star. That is why shobha de once wrote she is meryl streep-madonna-marilyn monroe of India. She is so much desired despite not having a hit film for long.

  • Janaa

    Bollywood’s Meryl Streep is Kajol (Karan Johar said this): It’s ture because Kajol has got 3 Filmfare Awards (this were all her comeback films: K3G, Fanaa and MNIK), She’s still voted as India’s most iconic Actress….U Me Aur Hum (Filmfare Award Nomination) Filmfare best Actress Poll (2011): She has beaten Katrina Kaif, Kareena, Priyanka, Aishwarya & Rani

    • Yara

      KJo is fond of Kajol as she is a very close friend. The filmfare poll that you are talking about is not reliable because the link is still alive. Kajol is fine but she has lot of limitations. she has not been able to play roles that most of contemporary actresses have played even at a higher age. She is not versatile as an actress mostly plays characters that suit her personality, is not able to come out a as performer.

  • Mohsin from pk

    Yes its 1000% true statement. madhuri is the meryl streep of indian cinema in term of actor and star status….madona of the indian ciema as dancing diva…..marilyn monroe of the indian cinema as glamour dhak dhak girl…

  • harry

    madhuri is par excellence ….. there is nothing like enough of madhuri