Is Karisma’s role in ‘Dangerous Ishq’ inspired by her life story?

The older Kapoor girl, who is set to make a comeback with a Vikram Bhatt film, will play a supermodel who gives up her career for the man she loves

Karisma Kapoor might definitely relate to the character she is slated to play in her comeback film Dangerous Ishq to be directed by Vikram Bhatt. She will don the role of a supermodel who gives up her career to marry the man she loves. Sounds familiar, right?

Even though we have serious doubts about whether Lolo suits the part of a supermodel, we can’t say much about it, since there have been several instances where actors who were clear misfits ran away with big hits. Rekha did it in Khoon Bhari Maang and then Priyanka, who was not at her fittest best at that time, did it with Fashion. That apart, what we can’t stop thinking about is the one-line description of her character in the film. It sounds uncannily familiar, rather like Karisma’s real life story, doesn’t it? Kareena’s big sister also gave up her career when she was at her peak to get married to her then-boyfriend Sanjay Kapur. Now that part shouldn’t be difficult for her portray, will it?