Is Katrina Kaif avoiding Ranbir Kapoor?

Is Katrina Kaif avoiding Ranbir Kapoor?

After the duo’s romantic escapade in Spain became public, the leggy lass has decided to keep her distance from the Kapoor scion

Ever since Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor were spotted frolicking at a beach in Spain, the two have been keeping a low profile as far as their public appearances are concerned. The leaked pictures of a bikini clad Katty with her boyfriend Ranbir made straight into the headlines recently.

Away from the prying eyes of the Indian media the love-birds were vacationing on the other side of the globe, thinking that they were having their private moments of fun and pleasure. But now that the pictures are out, Kat has apparently decided to avoid Ranbir. The two are not seen together as frequently as they would be spotted in parties or at each other’s house.

We also hear that Ranbir’s Casanova image will furher be tarnished if the matter is stretched further. The incident has certailnly shook Katrina Kaif. She was upset that her private moments are for all to talk about. The leggy beauty was so upset about the frenzy her pictures generated that she went on to write an open letter to the media, expressing her depressed state of mind. She also vented her frustration saying that the media has crossed the line by making her personal life public.

But this episode begs the basic question – why? Why do the two hesitate from being vocal about their love for each other? Are they scared of a certain bhai, we wonder!

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  • Ajooba

    I wont call this LOVE , this is called RANBIR cheated on DEEPIKA and KAT did the same with Salman . BEing in love is not a problem AT ALL . its the way they did it CHEATING and then not having the GUTS to admit that they CHEATED.

  • sonia rahi

    Ranbir will never ever sincere with anyone in his life, he is selfish and also he is not a virgin man at all belongs to same specie same as sunny leone both should marry eachother

  • Ronit sabarwal

    I like their jodi very much want them to get married but why katrina is doing that to ignore ranbir

  • Ram kamal

    Kat thrw ranbir out of her life because she’ll never compromise to her career though the one she like when it comes to professionality she is very professional thats why she’s no1 for 6 years

  • Anju Patel

    yes I Want Deepika and Ranbir

  • Anju Patel

    yes I Want Deepika and Ranbir hate Katrina

  • Nims

    kat u have taken a good decision he is not at all trust worthy guy, tell him to go back to deepika bec she is also like him (chngd boys like a dress)…………………………………

  • Ubed..

    It the personal matter of them i have no right to commet on it.

  • Ravindra kumar meena

    I love ranbir kapoor