Is Katrina Kaif better suited than Deepika Padukone to play Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter in Piku?

Is Katrina Kaif better suited than Deepika Padukone to play Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter in Piku?
Yogen Shah

With Parineeti having rejected a film opposite Big B, it seems like the Happy New Year actor has now bagged the role. But, is Deepika the perfect choice for Piku?

Deepika Padukone might just play Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter for a second time onscreen, but BollywoodLife readers feel that Katrina Kaif would be apt for this role. We asked our readers who would they like to see as Big B’s daughter in Shoojit Sircar film? And they had to choose from – Vidya Balan, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif , Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma. Most felt that the Dhoom:3 gal deserved this one. According to reports, the Race 2 babe sped past many contenders to bag this project, apparently the film revolves around the relationship of father and daughter. However, in our poll Dippy bagged a second place and Katrina stood first with 33 percent (1566) votes. Ms Padukone who is said to have signed the dotted line bagged about 28 percent (1303) votes. Following them closely at number three was the Gunday heroine who scored 23 percent (1088) votes.

Bachchan Sr’s mommy in Paa, Vidya Baln stood last and earned only 7 percent (319) votes and standing second last was the Bombay Velvet actor Anushka Sharma who scored 10 percent (455) votes.

Filmmaker Shoojit  has still not confirmed about Deepika. The Madras Cafe director said in a recent interview, “Nothing is confirmed right now. At the moment, my entire focus is on discussing the script with Mr Bachchan. After that, I will take the second step (of finalising the heroine). At the moment, I can only confirm Mr Bachchan and Irrfan being part of my film officially.”

With no confirmation on the heroine, does Katrina Kaif have a chance to bag this Deepika Padukone film? We’ll wait and watch!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Najat Razak Mumuni

    they have work before, so i think Katrina will surly will be the right person, but i don’t think she have time to do this movie,

    • umar zebai

      sure she will find time!bang bang and phantom will get over by april may nd it will be followed by fitoor and jagga jasoos. already one schedule of jj has been completed and even fitoor is (it seems) is gonna be shelved. so obviously she will find the right dates!
      and katrina kaif is awesome..way awesome than that bimbit deepika….

      • arohi

        yeah she is awesome but tragedy…… she cant act… oh noooooo

  • ishi

    Rubbish piece! Deepika is way better to play the role. This website sucks

    • Kia

      wow so if katrina wins the website is rubbish and when deepika wins this website is the best

      • divya

        rgt.kat is better den dipika

      • nikhil kumar

        ya dude no one can compete with katrina in terms of popularity every1 knows dat but dippy’s fans will not agree

  • Milana

    why is deepika first then katrina has more votes? Honestly depika be the last person I would choose to be the daughter of M.Bachchan,katrina is super clean this role;)

    • Najat Razak Mumuni

      this website is for deepika so they do what she want, so dont be surprise about this, katrina will not do it, she have so much to do,

    • Kia

      website should be renamed deepikalife

      • nikhil kumar

        ha ha ha ha true!!!!!!!!!!!

    • arohi

      piku is a women centric film, it requires acting not cuteness or glamour,,, deepika is best for this role.
      and plz Katrina was never in race for this role sonam was in talks this role not Katrina, her name is just mentioned by this website. lol

  • Alisha

    Katrina has already bagged the role i think and i want her 2 play the role and cheapika should quit it.

    • umar zebai

      nice name youve give mher…cheapika!!!suits her!!!

      • arohi

        like fuckrina suits Katrina lol

    • arohi

      hahaha in ur dreams….. man piku is only meant to be for deepika, Katrina name is given by website, sonam and pecee were in talks but not Katrina, she was never in talks for this role bcz this film requires acting talent which your Katrina don’t have,,

  • EE

    The film has 2 awesome actors AB and Irfan so the daughter shud be someone with good acting skills like Deepika or Vidya, not bimbo Katrina, good for item numbers and fashion magazine covers only

  • Anmol

    Deepika is best to act with AB, Kutrina is looks like only a item girl, no talent only have some boom looks…

    • nikhil kumar

      watch rajneeti

  • Mahnoor

    deepika n katrina r both my faves katrina has already worked with katrina but deepika hasnt i dont know who 2 choose…….

    • Melodysonglovealot

      Choose deepika cuz at least she knows hindi and this is not deepika’s website it’s just that deepika is friendly with the media unlike bitchy Katrina who gives way to much attitude do stop calling her cheapika it not deepika’s that the media loves her so much # ranbir and deepika all the way

      • Mahnoor

        now that im thinking about it then its deepika hwever i do like katrina but maybe deepika is suitable 4 this role but if the daughter is foreign then katrina but i now think deepika

    • umar zebai

      its katrina all the way!!!

  • Nancy Samuel

    Never. Deepika is 1000 times better than katrina in acting.

    • divya

      never,,,,,,,only katrina

      • aliya

        deepika already worked with big b so no tamasha

  • Noora Khan

    I want Deepika to play the role all the way.

  • Jennifer

    Im still team priyanka

    • nikhil kumar

      priyanka???? she is no where in the picture

  • Katrina Vactoria

    yes yes yes

  • divya

    kat deserv it…………only kat

  • Mahnoor

    now im thinking deepika even though katrina is a hit actress deepika has many many hit films so i think katrina though theyre both my faves equally

  • JJ

    I don’t like this buddhi doll kutrina …..

  • deepika

    well…….. i think it must be deepika because she has more acting ability then katrina and deepika is the best……… i love you deepika and always will………i hope you bag the roles in piku and shuddhi………………………………lol