Is Katrina Kaif insecure about Deepika Padukone?

Katrina Kaif keeping a close watch on Deepika Padukone
Yogen Shah

Going by the latest goss it certainly looks like that! It seems the Dhoom:3 babe is feeling the heat. And why shouldn’t she? After all, most of her films have landed in Dippy’s lap… We hope Ranboo doesn’t…

Apparently, Katrina Kaif is keeping a close watch on her arch-rival and alleged boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor’s former girlfriend Deepika Padukone. While Ms Kaif has reportedly lost out quite a few big-budget films like Happy New Year, Dostana 2 and Imtiaz Ali’s next to the Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani actor, she wants to make sure that she stays ahead in the race when it comes to bagging endorsement deals. And that’s the reason we hear Kat is keeping an eye on the dusky beauty’s brand associations. Not long ago, the two ladies where approached by a furniture brand, and the Bang Bang actor made sure to strike a better deal than DP. Reportedly, Kat is even ready to lower her rates just so she can bag all the deals which are coming Deepika’s way.

When it comes to movies, Katrina is well aware that there is no stopping the Chennai Express lass for now, as she is currently the reigning queen at the box office. So is this the reason why the Jab Tak Hai Jaan girl is so desperate to at least outwit her contemporary in the endorsement space? Wethinks that’s surely the case!

But rather than taking her Ek Tha Tiger avatar seriously and playing this spy game, wethinks Kat should focus on her work. Otherwise she may lose out on more projects and in the process will ultimately be left with only ad films.

P.S.: Post her saucy Aamsutra commercial, we are sure her fans wouldn’t mind seeing her more often in advertisements, no?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • heer

    Nothing wrong in keeping eye on deepika. Atleast she isnt doing negative publicity of deepika .the way deepika doing with katrina.

    • dee

      you are so rite well dostana 2 is yet not with deepika

  • Ralph

    Oh gosh.. why is she even putting herself into a 20 year old’s space?
    She is around 40 now.. she should be thinking about Madhuri and Aish.

    • nikki

      yes u r rite
      she has to keep an eye on aish

  • Sweety

    Exactly.katrina should think abt the actresses who r in 40s.she should not be jealous of dips.dips deserves this success,her acting skill is just awsome;she’s also cute and down to earth girl
    Go dippy go!!

    • Rahul sikri

      deepika is old nd kat is still thw queen of bollywood

      • priti bairi

        no deepika is young

      • piya

        kat queen f bollywod..she is old..kat is 70 years old now..she should retire..doesnt know how to act..deepika can dance sing ACT .. much more..tell katrina aunty i gave her a big slap on her face

      • Maya Gill

        u are blind! lol! kat is so old cuz of her plastic surgery.

    • Rahul sikri

      deepika should think about 40s kat is still the best

      • Bhavna

        what an idiot!..Deepika is 27..why should she think like the 40+ heroines..Katrina is old and looks weird these days with all the cosmetic surgery in her face in trying to keep younger.

  • nikki

    hey r u mad kat is older than deepika dippy is so young kat looks like a grandmother to ranbir i dont know hw ll he manage

  • aiya

    Not the age that matters,u can neva compare madhuri an other legendary actresses to katrina who jus showed up couple years back,wat an insult on madhuri an thee others,she should stop acting like a child an start worrying abt wat she’s worst at (acting),instead of being jealous an watching other actresses y dnt she concentrate on her “bf” is she that insecure,pathetic for a female,giving us a bad name

    • Rocks

      You are absolutely right Kat got lucky, she doesn’t any talent like dance skills or the acting skill I think she should go back to the school to acquire some skills and come back to compete with anyone in the Bollywood. She can not be comared with anyone she just got lucky, waiting to see how long her luck will last.

  • Kareena Kapoor Khan

    Deepika Padukone is more talented than Katrina Kaif.
    Time over Katty Baby!

    Dippy’s time has arrived and forget Ranbir.

    You will remain Katrina Kaif but she will become One of these :

    Deepika Padukone Kapoor
    Deepika Kapoor
    Deepika Ranbir Kapoor

  • james

    Katrina is nowhere near deepika!!!
    Katrina really looks so weird these days, old and boring!
    Even in acting skills she fails everywhere!
    Deepika, sonam and nargis fakhri are far better!

  • H1N1

    Deepika has the better skillset of the two. Kat just has looks only. Deepika will fare better.