Is Katrina Kaif out of Salman Khan’s charity list too?

We all know that Sallu bhaai is a dildaar aadmi and he goes out of his way to help his ahem ahem…co-stars. Then why did he refuse to gift a car to Kat? Read on to know what we think…

That Salman Khan loves doing charity is stale news. That he loves to pamper his loved ones and give them expensive gifts (read houses in Bandra, Audi, BMW, films) is also not so new. But what is new, is that he refused to gift Katrina Kaif the Audi RS 7 Sportback which he recently launched.

At an event yesterday, Salman launched and became the first customer for Audi RS 7 Sportback, and when he was asked as to who he would gift this car, Sallu said that while Katrina will look good in the car, he wouldn’t gift it to her. “Let’s see who deserves it. May be to somebody who actually looks good in it… it would be Katrina (Kaif). I would not like to gift her though. Let somebody else gift it to her,” Salman told the reporters at the event.

Well, what we don’t seem to understand is – if Kareena Kapoor Khan got a BMW from Salman for doing Fevicol and Elli Avram got a house in Bandra from him for we don’t know doing what – then why is he ignoring Kat?

In the past, Sallu has claimed that Kat is a “good friend” of his; was it just for the media that he made those tall claims? Has he really buried the hatchet? We don’t think so. It seems that Salman has shunned Katrina from his life and how! Apparently, the leggy lass does not even feature on his charity list anymore. Tch..tch..