Is Katrina Kaif really the sexiest woman of 2013?

Katrina Kaif FHM Sexiest Woman of 2013
FHM India

A poll by FHM magazine says so. But do you agree?

Ranbir Kapoor said in an interview that he would give his life for current girlfriend Katrina Kaif. We understand why. Kat is as sexy as sexy can get! And rightly so, feel her fans, the Chikni Chameli babe has been voted as 2013’s Sexiest Woman by FHM India magazine. She has topped the list yest again – for the fourth time if we’re not wrong – showing how much of a fave she is for Bollywood audiences.

But does Katrina still ooze the same oomph as when she was younger? What do you think, BollywoodLifers?

Looking at the Dhoom:3 teaser, wethinks she’s definitely a hottie and we cannot seem to take our eyes off her. But does she have no competition from the newer, younger heroines in terms of sex appeal? Voting her as the sexiest woman over and over again ahead of heroines like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma and Priyanka Chopra seems a bit too much!

After all, Kat has had no film release this year yet, with Dhoom:3 coming out on December 20. And Deepika has just delivered a super duper hit with Chennai Express. And Priyanka is ever popular what with her movies like Zanjeer 2.0, her Babli badmaash item songs and international singles like Exotic and In my city. As for Anushka, wethinks her long legs worked better in the bore fest Jab Tak Hai Jaan than Kat’s charm.

But if you think Kat deserves the hottest woman ka khitab, tell us what you like about her that makes her so desirable, peeps!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • justin

    Kat is voted sexiest i believe for her beauty, attitude and charm- all of which deepika padukone really lacks.

    • Nicole

      Kat is voted sexiest because of her PR team…period. No she isn’t sexy. She comes off as whiny and self important. I can think of many Bollywood actresses that deserve this more than she does.

      • rarediamonds

        agree totally!

    • Britney

      And what you lack is brains.

  • B App

    NO way, Deepika Padukone is WAY hotter. Problem is with indians, they see fair skin and they act like dogs with bones. Get a life.

    • sweta

      people like katrina kaif more than over deepika padukone so what problems
      you have with that.

  • amandeep

    Katrina is extremely charming and way more sexier than any other bollywood actress . She has her own style line and she is the best and a glam doll

  • heer

    I guess the person who wrote this artical forgot .Katrinas dance number ishaq shawa. From jab tak hai jaan . You should have problem with indian men who select her again and again and age difference between katrina and deepika is mere one and half year .its just that katrina started in her teens deepika in her 20s . Anushka is the only one younger in the lot you mentioned. Coz she is in her early 20s.

  • PClover

    yes i believe so..katrina is the most sexiest…she defines beauty..
    n priyanka is hot

  • EM

    they should chose deepika, aishwarya or Sushmita Sen but not kat -___-

  • Tithi

    Kat is really the sexiest woman.Deepika is just a simple girl & not even charming,she is just thin and tall.There’s nothing special in her.So don’t talk rubbish about kat.The crown of sexiest woman has made for her.

  • Jessica Singh

    God! so sick of everyone putting Katrina Kaif down for some reason or the other with no basis. She was scrutinised for not being able to speak hindi, she worked very hard and learnt the language which must not have been easy but she understood the importance of it.
    It was continually said that she could not dance. She came out with dance items such as Chikni Chameli, Ishq Shava and Sheila Ki Jawani which are both very impressive and very popular, both of which to achieve must have been endless work.
    Everyone said she could not act She has proved time and time again to be an impeccable actress with movies such as New York, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, Raajneeti, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Ek Tha Tiger, Jab Tak Hai Jaan and the list goes on. Working with timeless director Yash Chopra and actors such as Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh Khan.
    She has proven her self time and time again and her beauty is unquestioned so I think she is amazing!

    • priya

      Agreed!!! I could not have said it better myself .Go Kat!!!

    • neeta

      i do not totally agree with u.. coz if kat is getting so much prestigous title is only because she debuted with a super hero salman popularity and her beauty pays…she worked with stars but till today she hasnt been titled the best actress award coz she isnt one..she does only simple roles not challenging like priyanka and kareena or vidya balan…there r far more better actress dan her but her beauty and baby doll look plays a very lucky chance for in life as she is famous only for her charm and dance but acting… NO WAY MAN…!!!!

    • Manju

      completely agree with you…it seems this article is written by someone who is in denial mode to accept the fact that katrina is the best, in personality as well as charm..period..!

  • Hinali

    I believe that katrina is the sexiest woman alive and I don’t understand why people put her down! As for all the other “younger” ladies, they r no competition to her and she is a genuinely good hearted person which comes across in her films and everything she does! Her fans recognize that nd that’s why they vote for her! If a poll like this had happened than u should appreciate te person who has won and not degrade them by asking, did she really desearved to win. She is the best that bollywood has got!

  • Hinali

    Katrina Definately desearved this title since she is the sexiest woman alive! U don’t know why people have to put her down for every reason possible. If someone wins something u r supposed to appreciate that and not degrade them. She is a good hearted person and that shows in her movies and everything she does which her fans also notice and vote for her! She won because ave desearved it and nothing else,

  • Ddkidiwani

    Deepika is way more sexier . But u cant help it . Indians go gaga seeing foreigners even if indian women r far more beautiful .

  • hinali

    WHY???? why do people always put katrina down? She is here from her hard work and talent and looks that God has given her and people like it so they vote for her. If someone wins, u r supposed to appreciate them and not degrade them. She is a good human being which shows in her work and her fans like her for that and so they vote for her. Stop critisizing, and enjoy.

  • koko

    of course she deserve it

  • Sunny

    Looks like a PR stunt since she has been losing her popularity compared to deepika or the others

  • rarediamonds

    Katrina has no talent, she can only dance. how long will dancing take her only time will tell. she made it this far based on Salman Khan support. otherwise girls like her come everyday in Bollywood and disappear. she has not even made effort to lose her thick accent. her Hindi is still bad. Katrina has also lost the earlier years of beauty, even her nose and lips surgery doesn’t attract anymore. in the end, it has to be sheer talent which she lacks. if she works hard, she may improve, we hear she is very hard working but as audience we see no improvement in her acting. its disappointing. it is best time that she is approaching her 30′s, she settles down and be a wife with Ranbir Kapoor before he even gets tired of her. she may have her life on the path of Neetu Singh if she plays her cards right in life.

    on other hand, Deepika has made so much improvements with her acting skills. she will be Number One soon.

  • Murja Abu Ibrahim

    Yes! Katrina is d sexiest, she is indeed. I like her personality, she is sincere, simple, genuine n completely down to earth which every man will love to have as his life partner.

  • Pat

    She’s a bore. Far from sexy.

  • Aima ali

    She iz one of the most beautiful lady in the world…her good looks n her charm makes her appealing

    • kalki

      kat is so sexy

  • aakriti

    i don’t agree….

  • Nitisha

    These article writers just want to say that
    Kat is old abe saalo deepika konsi teen
    Hai she is just 1 yr younger BAS SAB KO

  • vaishnavi trivedi

    katrina will rock as no one compete her she is just awesome

  • Meenakshi mishra

    Deepika is more sexy than kat.

  • Meenakshi mishra

    Deepika is best.

  • Pria

    Katrina has rightfully own Sexiest Woman for 4 years in a row. She is charming, sweet, down to earth and REAL, unlike others. Even though she hasn’t done any movies this year, except Dhoom 3 which is yet to release, viewers still love her and appreciate her. Don’t hate on her success. If Priyanka, Deepika or Anushka deserved it over her than they would get it but Katrina Kaif is obviously more deserving!

  • Rohan Sharma

    be cool

  • Rohan Sharma

    Sunny Leone is the sexiest lady of bollywood ever

  • Jaquline

    Katrina u diserve it
    You have proved by giving the hit films , jab tak hai jaan with legendary YASH CHOPRA JI , ek tha tiger , ajab prem ki gajab kahani , mere brother kI dulhan , new york , raajneeti. Keep on going . We all love u

  • kirti chauhan

    yes!! there is no doubt…katrina is the most sexiest lady in the world not even in india deepika nhi…..

  • Maya Gill

    she used to be hot, sexy, until surgery ruined it all. Deeps, Sonam, Shraddha, Bebo are way more hotter. BTW, her lips looks so bad. sorry kat fans, she is not natural anymore

  • jyojyo

    she is the sexiest women in the world………..she is vry charming ……….is is the best actor……..