Is Katrina Kaif the most dangerous celeb?

Research says that when her fans turn to the Internet for any updates, they take a huge safety risk

The number of Internet users across the globe is growing phenomenally and one of the most searched items online are related to films and film-related celebs. As most of the content on the web is free, the only way for people to make a profit out of this ‘free-for-all’ medium is either to bombard users with advertisements or to hack into the users’ computer and access personal information for unethical acts such as credit card fraud. The trend that has been on the rise is to embed images of celebrities, especially the hotter ones with viruses so as to get such unlawful access.  We recently stumbled upon a list which rated celebs on the basis of their ‘danger quotient’ – rather, downloading whose photographs can cause the most damage to your computer. Not very surprisingly, Katrina Kaif topped the list. Deepika Padukone made it to the second slot while Kareena Kapoor was placed third. Of course it is not a matter of pride to be on such a list – while it shows you do have a lot of Internet-savvy fans, it also proves that those fans are landing in trouble because of their love for these celebrities. We heard that even these celebs are unhappy about viruses wreaking havoc in their names. We at BollywoodLife try our best to provide you content that is free of any malware while telling you about the best of all that happens in B-town.