Is Katrina Kaif’s stardom fading?

Katrina Kaif
Yogen Shah

Our Tarot card reader tells us more about the Dhoom:3 actor’s professional future

Katrina Kaif has come a long from Boom to her upcoming Dhoom:3 – but all of a sudden it seems a bit too silent on her professional front. Is there any further growth in her career or has she reached her peak? How will her upcoming films fare for her career and at the box office? Should Katrina look to diversify her career or should she stick to being an actor? There are a lot of ifs and buts, and Tarot clears this up for us.

The cards reveal an obvious fatigue in Katrina; the Ten of Wands show her energies depleting, as she seems to be mentally and physically pushing herself through commitments she does not feel so committed towards. Her focus needs to improve if she is to maintain some form of a position in Bollywood. The competition is tough yet Katrina’s career plans are unrealistic because her dependency is on others, rather than her craft. The Lovers and the Page of Cups in combination explain the importance for her to take her skills more seriously. An active application in this will give her career better longevity, otherwise it may just be wiser for Katrina to delve into an additional profession.

Katrina Kaif, the businesswoman?

It may just work out well for Katrina to start a range of natural beauty products, as the Lovers card and the Magician card reinforce her strong business acumen and its profitability. But will she, is another question. I believe so, because although Katrina is emotional, she smart enough to realise that her career/skills have limitations.

Will Katrina Kaif’s films Dhoom:3 and Bang Bang enhance her career?

Until then, Katrina has Dhoom:3 and Bang Bang coming up. Dhoom:3 would have recovered its money even before it hits the theatres. Therefore anything earned at the box office will be a profit, but the film will not be a landmark one for Katrina’s career. It will neither bring her down nor provide her with growth.

This stagnation also filters into Bang Bang opposite Hrithik Roshan. The Six of Swords implies a career transition, but the Six of Cups shows a potential regression in her abilities. Unfortunately, with both films, Katrina does not evolve instead she may even appear flat at times. Bang Bang is a great opportunity for her to be more versatile and since she does have some time at hand, it will be important for her career to put more effort into this challenge. Again Bang Bang too will do well at the box office, but only if the makers re-look at their marketing strategy as the stars will not be enough to sell the film to the audiences.

Tarot Tip: 2014 and 2015 show more promise for Katrina, but as implied by the King of Wands, she will need to be less rigid and look to re-mould herself otherwise she may lose the space she has made for herself. This realisation should help her revive and grow further.

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  • amir

    I personally hate katrina kaif , her arrogance will end her career soon or later … and obviously she can’t act i saw many movies of katrina , her acting skills is clearly low than other actresses … Deepika ,priyanka , kareena ,sonakshi , sonam , those girls will be the future of bollywood not katrina kaif … grow up katrina

    • pizza

      well said amir

    • shriya

      you’re right!!!

  • Ugant

    I hope she fades away into nothingness. She has no talent whatsoever. She has made enough money out of just looking like a doll and dancing. There is no reason why someone as talentless like her needs to be paid so much.

  • Ss

    Her acting skill is zero

  • heer

    Tarot cards are not be all and end all. It looks in future and gives solutions to problem that would be comming in near future. Its not like it will 100 % happen. The amount of success deepika achieved nobody hsd predicated it. According to your tarot reading itself. You had said ce and once upon a time both will be successful. But ce defeated outm very badly. I dont say its fake but the accuracy isnt 100 %.

  • taiba

    Please this is so senseless get a brake,……….she have a bright future ahead

    • Ralph

      Shut up you dumb guy.. or girl..
      You just support her because you think she is Moslem..
      I got news for you.. she is not.. it was a made up story by the makers of BOOM so that people like YOU would accept her and LOVE her and WORSHIP her

    • piya

      i think ur a brainless stupid girl/boy just like katrina kaif to think so
      katrina is an arrogant old lady with nothing in her
      get a brain

  • Ralph

    She is an average looking WHITE GIRL..
    Indians are dumb enough to think she is a GORGEOUS half indian girl.. smdh

  • Dalia

    Why is everybody so jealous and obsessed with Katrina?
    Every now and then some rubbish thing come out about this the media strategy to get some form of reaction from her? She is maintaining a stoic silence and everybody is taking advantage of that..
    Even Kareena, Priyanka…have same or less in their kitty and reached the position where they are by doing movies which depends on heroes and other star cast.
    Get a life and some chill pill Miss Shruti Chopra.

    • muaaz

      i agree !!!
      katrina kaif is some where where no other actress is right now dhoom3 and bang bang both films are going to bring a huge growth in her carrer she is doing alot of most deadly action scenes in these movies and a new dancing style in dhoom 3 which no one has ever done in bollywood before she even getting a tan look for bang bang .. she is right now no 1 actress with only 3 flops and countless blockbustters
      and if the movies is hit that means everything was present in the movie acting ,story, entertainment everything .. she have done alot of hard work that is paying off today and its uncorrect to say anthing against her thats nor fair at all she deserves sucess thats why she has it !! and who ever says that salman brought her to this industry and she is on the top of her game because of her then thats not true its her hard work yes he did help her but u cannot say it was all because of salman he introduced many other who failed ….

  • savan

    give me one message

  • Piya


  • Dileep

    Katrina is getting old and now looks very desperate no matter which way she want to grab young superstar who will not commit as his whole career is ahead of him. Katrina was always second to all super stars in her films and in JAB TAK HAI JAAN she was third behind Anushka. Not a single role she had was of any significance. So she has to go for better films like Priyanka or Kareena if she can get it now. She needs stop following Ranbir and stop making fool of herself being ready and available and learn to earn respect like Deepika.

  • rahul

    sure she is very opportunist without any talent. she will be faded her stardome sure. there is always limitation for luckyness.

  • tenzin

    admit it…people are just jealous of her because nobody thought she would be the top actress in bollywood because she is not even pure indian but her determination and perseverance proved everything wrong and here she is now…one of the leading ladies of bollywood

  • lhamo


  • priyanka

    I don’t understand this indian obsession with fair skinned untalented girls who can’t speak hindi…what’s funny is that the success rate of these imports is inversely proportional to their fluency and knowledge of hindi…jisko jitni kam hindi aae, wo utni hi zyada successfull hindi actress banegi…There is nothing so special about Ms. kaif. Infact she does not hold a candle to any of our REAL actresses like priyanka, vidya, kareena, deepika, anushka ,sonakshi, sonam, or even to fresh faces shraddha kapoor or alia bhatt for that matter…Not to be critical but,our Indian born actresses are far more beautiful, elegant, hardworking and self-made rather than Ms. Kaif who needed a sugar daddy to save her career after the unforgettable “BOOM”.

  • hemant

    People spitting venom at her are just like those people. Who drink poison by themself and expect her to die . Sorry no . Salman has launched many new faces in bollywood .but nobody made it big like like katrina. Even sonakshi gave some good movies but with 2 back to back flops she is now struggling . If her career was just by the grace of salman she would had been out . Coz salman and katrina broke up 4 years back . Its her talent to choose right script. And keeping diplomatic approach while dealing with people is wht has helped her build relationships and atten the success. She isnt going anywere guys . 5 movies in her hand she isnt going anywere

  • Simran

    katrina will next legendary actress in bollywood not even deepika….no doubt deepika’s carrier rises in bollywood…..keep wait for dhoom 3 and bang-bang……she will no1. heroien….return of these blockbuster films.