Is Kiku Sharda’s Akbar Birbal different from other comedy shows?

With so many comedy shows out there competing with each other, we have another one launching soon

BIG MAGIC brings India’s first historical comedy – Har mushkil ka hal – Akbar Birbal to the small screen. When we asked Kiku Sharda, who is playing the role of Akbar in the fiction comedy why his show is different from the others, he says, “Akbar Birbal is not a stand-up comedy show. It is very different from Comedy Nights with Kapil and the other shows that are on air currently.”

Apparently, the writers have very smartly taken the popular story of Akbar and Birbal and infused it light hearted comedy. The agenda of the makers is to provide sheer entertainment. There will be no social issues covered nor will the show pull a fast one on anyone. The sitcom will focus on Akbar, the queen, his favourite minister Birbal, Salim, Anarkali and the other members of his kingdom. The show will not have a live audience, it will not touch on any current affairs nor will the actors go out of their character. The combination surely looks tough and we believe the writers will have their job cut out for them.

Well we agree that the genre is a new one and going to be one hell of a task for all those involved to pull it off. Nonetheless, with Kiku, Delnaaz Irani, Kishwer Merchant and Vishal Kotian – Akbar Birbal will be one hell of a show. And if you don’t agree with us catch the historical comedy show on April 28, at 9pm on Big Magic channel and tell us what you think of it.