Is Krrish 3 song Dil tu hi bata similar to Ghajini song Guzaarish?

Wethinks Hrithik Roshan and Kangna Ranaut’s Krrish 3 song has been choreographed the same way as the Ghajini number featuring Aamir Khan and Asin

We can’t help but notice the similarities between Hrithik’s new song Dil tu hi bata from Krrish 3 and Aamir Khan’s song Guzaarish from Ghajini. There are too many same-same for us to ignore. Let’s take a closer look…

In the song, Kangna Ranaut wears dresses in colours of red, white and golden, exactly similar to the colours Asin wears in the Guzaarish song.

The backdrop of an arid desert and the composition of the frames looks strangely similar. Also the low angles in which the camera swoops on the actors is same.

Both Aamir and Hrithik are shown baring their torsos and exposing their six-pack abs. Also notice how the styling is same.

Looks like the choreographer has even taken shot references and made Hrithik and Kangana pose like Aamir and Asin.

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Text and photo: DNA