Is ‘Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon’ set to go off air?

Is ‘Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon’ set to go off air?

Colors’ relatively new show, Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon is facing serious trouble due to low TRPs.

The soap which went on air on May 28 has seen several twists and turns, but none that could keep the audience hooked for too long. And frankly, we are not surprised. We got bored soon after it started, around the time that Vivian DSena and Drashti Dhami made their appearances. Didn’t you?

It started with much fanfare and promises, with a couple of gentle controversies thrown in, but it is a big letdown in terms of content and originality. Inspite of having star actors like Vivian DSena (Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani) and Drashti Dhami (of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi) in lead roles, – Madhubala couldn’t create any new waves. We had a word with Vivian, who said, “Yes, it’s true that the TRP of Madhubala is going low at the moment, but these things happen. The audience is very unpredictable. They like some things and they don’t like some things.”

At this rate, it won’t be long before the channel pulls out from the show. Frankly, we think that would actually be a wise decision, no? But we have to wonder, what’s really the reason behind the low TRPs?

Here are a few possibilities. Read on and let us know if you agree:

# The daily soap has a very run of the mill story, with no originality. Looks like the writers are suffering a mental block. First they get Madhu engaged, and then make RK sabotage her relationship, post which Madhu asks RK for money, for which she has to marry him. OMG! Are the makers now following Ekta Kapoor’s tried and tested patterns like in Kasauti Zindagi Kay and a few other soaps?

# A serious lack of romance between the lead pair is a huge issue. It seems the makers have truly lost track of their original story plan, no?

# The serial faces stiff competition from other prime time shows like Zee TV’s Hitler Didi, Sony’s new Love Marriage VS Arranged Marriage, Star Plus’ popular Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai and Life OK’s Amrit Manthan.

All said and done, we believe that if the makers don’t pull up their socks right now, Madhubala will indeed meet an untimely end… don’t you agree?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • nafisa

    sorry i totally disagree….i think what’s written here is utter crap….Madhubala is the one and only show that am watching and following at present….

    • avinitha

      madhubala is one of the best show in an indian television .v love u madhu and RK.u r d real stars, show is rocking.

      • aditi

        agree madhubala is one of my favourite show

        nd i love rk nd madhu

  • sundas naz

    totall disagree..Madubala will soon break all Tp records and it is becoming most popular i donot think so that Mb is going to off air..and i think u donot see last week is better than many other shows…we love Madhubala so much and there are lots of its fans..we want to see Mb atleast three years ..

  • idea1234

    I think people need to see the trend in trp’s yet again…TRP’s have improved …from 1.7 to 2…Also many of the popular shows which rules trp’s right now…had low trp’s in their initial months…That means thy should have gone off air long ago…I totally disagree.. the way the writer of this article has written it…MB is the only show which is worth watching…Its TRP…is much better than many of the so called shows…which has nothing new to offer…

  • idea1234

    If shows with low trp’s were axed …then the shows which u have mentioned as competitors of Madhubala…dont even have a chance..V expect something good to from the website…not negativity…about a particular show…

  • Azi


    Why the hell is everyone behind MB? guyz is there no other show you would want to cover? Or MB is the only one to be written about…

    And TRP’s really? We all know what crap TRP’s are and how they are being manipulated… MB is much better in terms of content and execution… 3 months a already so much of negative criticism…

  • anusha

    Dhire Dhire TRP Badhne lagi aur Madhubala ke siva aap logonko dusre show masala nahi diktha kya
    aur aage show ki trp jarur badegi.

  • neetu

    cheap people first see latest trp that is 2.0 this quite good trp
    go to hell

  • Anchit kaur

    Ok Two telly shows at 8.30 are showing leads having ailment cancer & cashing the crap TRP, storywise madhubala is far better than these daily tortures . Ok behna show & HD started long back & MB is new so lets wait & watch,it very different where the professions of leads shown different,atleast not copying from other shows,chal also improved slowly so can’t say but it’s entertaining, I don’t like to see that anand movie torture in SP & Zee so want MB & LOK detergent no body watch that channel.

  • Sid

    No dear Bollywoodlife we didn’t get bored when Vivian and Drashti made their appearances… as a matter of fact the serial picked up after that… and if u have soo much problem with Madhubala then please don’t watch it u have no right to bash or misguide the audiences!!!

  • preeti

    madhubala is one of the unique show it’s not like other saas bahu saagas we r loving the serial it’s lot better then others shows going on tv . u just no how to crticise but do healthy criticism if u want to put foward ur suggestions don’t misguide the audience by spreading fake news

  • sangeeta gupta

    bakwas article, madhubala is best show , isaki trp bahut high jayegi, abhi maine lead ke saat story ban rahi hai,

  • anjali samariya

    hye hye guys are u out of your mind kisi bhe ache show ko trp gain karne me 3 months to lagte hi hai n see this week trp n who d hell r u.., madhubala show ki takkar me na koi show tha aur na hai.this is d best n unique show on telly..plz aisi afwaiye mat felaiye..

  • raty

    i think u guys gone nuts madhubala is best show u talking abt hitler didi n arrange marrage show see trp first dont spread crap

  • simi

    excuse me…first go n check the recent trp of MB then talk your nonsense !

    • sagrika giri


  • sagrika giri

    no freaky wayy…

  • sagrika giri

    madhubala is one of the unique show

  • sss


  • sss

    madhubala is the best show

  • Renu kashyap

    Madhubala is d best show….miss author go & check the facts before making such disgusting articles…who is paying you to write this…dont spread negativity….DD & Vivian are rocking together…concept is unique…every show takes time okkkk

  • arriya

    i dont agree the show started to b much better the story is unique and it is the best story and we the fans started to see the chemistry between madhu and rk from the first meeting between them the romance should begin

  • sneha

    Of course ! rofl ! plz publish something worth convincing !
    sooooooooo booooooooooooooooored and tired with rubbishes like these !

  • veeni

    i dont agree this serial has a good way of story.not like other top rated serials

  • disha

    only starry cast cant hook audience…
    they need to start the love track of RK and Madhubala
    as they promised to show ‘ek ishq ek junoon’

  • madhugeet

    Bollywoodwife pagal hoo tum .mb se jalati hoo. Vd dd ki chemistri dekho acting dekho. Show dekho phir bakwas likhna.

  • keesh

    Isnt this website part owned by Zee. And isnt Hitler Didi one of the less popular dramas of Zee as for Amrit Manthan whatz new in tht show… same old stuff and poor acting by most of the characters.

    I agree tht MB does need to pick up on its story pace and show some exciting romance even if its devilish. But MB is one of the shows on the shows on tele with gr8 acting from all, brilliant direction and editing.

    So stop bad mouthing it and spreading baseless rumours. There are shows on Colors with Trps much less than MB and still runn ing. Useless articles.

  • Arnav

    Arre ja re Moti apni shakal dekhi hai Mirror jake dekh pehle, Sadaeli kahin ki ja jake chulu bar paani mein doob mar aur sath mein Zee TV ko bhi leja, Pata nahi kahan kahan se chalr aate hain Muh utha Bakwas karne………
    Agar paise chahiye ho na toh bata dena par Apna ilaaz jaroor karvana…….. Tum log apne shows ki chinta karo unhe bachao…………


    Aur apni iss gandhi aur sadee huyi jubaan se Drashti aur Vivian ka naam bhi mat lena.

    Despo writer of senseless article

  • aadil


  • sudhir

    the basic reason of low TRP is the role of vivianDsena , which I think is over acting and a showoff.and away from a life reality.

  • idea1234

    @Sudhir…Sorry 4 saying this like u I am here 2 express my opinion..According 2 you…the reason 4 low trp is Vivian…n his overacting…Lol…people are so confused …EARLIER THey used to say he is expressionless…n now overacting :) …That means Expressionles + Overacting=Fine actor….Hence proved …He is a fine actor…Many non fans turned into his fans…many of them who earlier called him Expressionles…are now saying…He is The best..

    Sudhir …its easy to judge…..Bt its difficult to understand…Sorry to say this…there is nothing original in Indian tv…all characters…show larger than life characters n show off…Its just about liking..Beauty lies in the eyes of the viewer…TRP has increased from 1.7 to 2…Slow and steady wins the race…I hope that if the show goes up in the TRP chart you say the same thing…Vivian Dsena is the reason…

    My intention is not to hurt…Bt your comment has hurt many fans…

    Gud luck

  • MadhuMati

    I think this is really different show! Give it it some time and it worth watching! Good story line….need major push!
    Every character is fantastic! Well done guys!
    Yes they need to show ROMANCE between MADHUBALA & RK.
    This will definitely HELP!
    They have wonderful amd uniquechemistry!
    I love this show, it will be a big disaster if it off air!

  • Arkamita Banik

    Madhubala is a very nice…. and strong story line..l….d going reason of TRP is perhaps people’s want 4 typical saas bahu serials….bt vivian is always bst…both in pyar kii ek kahaani and madhubala…. Mrvr, evry serial needs sm time to give a nw turn…it hs jst strtd 2 or 3 months ago …. So,we should wait 4 its best….

  • ananya

    I don’t like this show..
    i hate vivian…worst actor…looks like a blind man..
    this is the worst show ever…

    • anju

      kuh log mentally disturb hai.aur ve madhubala serial se chhir rahe kyunki unhe dar hai ki kahi madhubala ki TRP dhire dhire 1st na ho jaye..

  • Roshani shahi

    Shw is nice n drashti is owesm trp doesnt matter for fans geet ka trp kabhi jyada nhi tha phr bhi shw worldwide famous hai

  • shiny

    iam very sorry sorry to say the show is very confusing n the character of vivian he iz a super star but has alot of free time to waist.its so confusing that his role iz positive or negative the marriage was soo overacting he was living alone n now his step father n step brothers comes nothing is posible with him on chances of romance only negativities…vivian is soo good looking but this character doesnt suites him..he is a hero n should work as a hero…the character of rk iz not good but vivian is the best i love him….

  • R.dhanjani

    Madhubala is the best show on indian tv all this written abv is purely crap and the Trps are imprvng week by week

  • saher

    vivian is the best he is the hotest person on the earth but rk is he problem the story is too slow n rk is too bad such a hard hearted person …no sympathy for any one.. he was supose to fell in love with madhu but conditions r becoming worst uff no romance n the step brother n father living under same roof with him i dont understand y he insults madhu mom always worst…the story line should be changed now they should show some thing positive about rk than it will work…best of luck vivian…

  • Ramya

    Give more lines to Drashti first.Making Drashti stand like a doll and getting illtreated always is a major flaw.And don’t know why Vivian has such a hatred face always.Make him a little human.He is not a Vampire like his previous show.

  • abi

    madhubala a different concept serial compare to other serials………..madhubala is really superb story…this is article is nonsense…

  • sandi

    what is this.. u guys are going mad.. MB is the best serial in telly now its going awesome & vivi n Drashti doing a grade job.. please dont made a BAKAWAS article..

  • Rosh

    Lol !! What a hilarious article!!
    I think it should be noted that the TRPs are slowly but steadily increasing since last week.
    And much worse shows are continuing even now, so there will be no question of MB going off – air.
    Every show takes time to pick up and grow on the viewers, and once the romance track of RK & Madhu starts, I’m sure things will pick up soon.
    It is not fair to write off any show so bluntly without giving it a chance……..I’m sure MB will do great over a period of time.
    DD Rocks!!

  • Ritika

    rofl……….awesome article ever, really this show is very boring with stupid presentation, it shud go off air soon.
    Faltu, bakwas show ever!!

  • Ch Waqasali

    well it’s not that the main lead roll are performing very good. The reason is that color tv is not that famous through out that why having problem with low TRP..

  • anmisha

    well trp of a show matters lot…
    but love madhubala just 4r Drashti…
    we want to see Drashti in different look…
    Hope when she becomes Heroine we get to c our princess so beautiful…

  • Swati

    Cheap ppl always bring negativity,if u r not liking d show so stay away..n 4 ur kind informtn trp r rising now..huh..get lost..

  • suhana thakur


  • sabrina mithila

    Yeh article dene se pehle akhe phar ke madhubala ki ek epicode dekh lete toh aise bakwase kheal man mai nehi ata.Madhubala ki strong story,owsome acting nd dashing vivian ki bajaise yeh serial din ke din famous horahahe.

  • nishantgore

    this article prove how crupt media in our country, phale aap or shows bhi dekho kitane bakwas hote hi….rahi trp to trp is kise hota hai ye public ko batao to phir baad mai asli trp pata chalega. kuch PH sab kuch karid ne may mahir hai, …Mb is the nice show, and diff story…no doubt ….

  • needashah

    I like Madhubala serial.
    I am sure Madhubala seril no. 1 par hoga

  • neha

    bakawas mat kiya kro MADHUBALA IS rocking and unique show

  • tia

    rubbish article…hav u evr seen d show or itz just ur mere imagiination on which u hv made dis article….madhubala ia most unique show on telly ..abt trps get us facts clear itz trps are nw increasing…dd nd vd are doin awsuuuuum job…if u lik sterotype shows widout head n tail den u vl find many so dnt waste ur tim on most amazing nd different show…mb rockzzzz

  • vidhya

    nothing will happen as said above …nw its getting interesting…its a entirely different story and it will rock btw the trps r also increasing now

    • pari

      plzz say its not true

  • Shahrukh

    Madhubala is the best show on indian tv and has got the best story.Trp is imprvng week by week

  • Zarin

    While I agree with your article, I do have to wonder whether the vehemence of the show’s audience will succeed in keeping Madhubala afloat. I had sincerely wanted to like the show and in fact had found it quite entertaining at the start. The initial promos and episodes had so much promise.
    Unfortunately, I feel that a lot of the show’s spark and punch was lost after the time jump. The biggest turn off was probably the contract marriage and the idea of Madhu falling in love with RK despite the atrocities he has committed. I had RK pegged as an antagonist (read: douche) from the initial promos but thought it would be portrayed in a far more entertaining manner.
    Nevertheless, I think it’s too early to predict that the show is going to go off air already. It is only three or so months old.

  • anviksha

    madhubala has interesting story it depends on audience choice some like saas bahu drama serial and some like youngster and different story..acording to my opinion madhubala TRP is increasing week by week.

  • pragya

    madhubala is a best show.. eske alava baki sare serial bekar madhubala serial ko band karne ko kaha raha hai vo mere khyaal se mentally disturb hai. vo DRISHTI aur VIVAN ke acchi acting se chirte hai unhe keval rona dhona vale serial hi pasand ata hai..

  • abhinav

    madhubala is a best show.. eske alava baki sare serial bekar madhubala serial ko band karne ko kaha raha hai vo mere khyaal se mentally disturb hai. vo DRISHTI aur VIVAN ke acchi acting se chirte hai unhe keval rona dhona vale serial hi pasand ata hai..

  • saumaya

    yadi madhubala ki TRP ko dekh kar yah article likha gaya I must say that people didnt like to live,think amd believe in realities because in drama serials bahuai ko kitne julm sahne parte hai..kya reai life mai ye apne dikae gaya adarsh ka palan karti hai..

  • lopamudra

    Madhubala show to bahut achcha jaa raha hai ,iski theame sabse alag hai aur Vivian ,Drashti, pallavi sabki acting bhi awesom hai ,isliye mujhe nhai lagta ki is serial ko hatana chahiye .ham viewers ki to yahi rai hai ki Madhubala ko nahi hatana chahiye

  • lopamudra

    Madhubala show to bahut achcha jaa raha hai ,iski theame sabse alag hai aur Vivian ,Drashti, pallavi sabki acting bhi awesom hai ,isliye mujhe nhai lagta ki is serial ko hatana chahiye .ham viewers ki to yahi rai hai ki Madhubala ko nahi hatana chahiye

  • Salina

    Vivian bores me yar… I dnt like him as rk… I sometimes watch the show bt only for drashti’s sake.. N drashti looks good with gurmeet not with vivi…

  • asma

    madhuabala buht acha show he is ko nai khtm krna chahae ur na hi vivian y drashti ko.y dno buht acha kr rhe hn

  • kiran

    I hpe Madhubala dnt go off air i will die if it does im enjoying the shw plz plz plz plz plz dnt let it go off air its my all time favourite shw nd the only reason why i watch colors xxxx I LOVE VIVIAN DSENA AND DRASHTI DHAMI XXXXXXXXXXXX

  • nicky sharma

    i love seril and ilove hoer and horning

  • Saniya

    Madhubala is a very good serial. Though the TRPs are low now, it will increase as the leads will fall for each other. TRPs will rise drastically as the romance will start.

    Many of us like the serial very much. the story line though is not very uncommon, the back ground is different. We love to see the heroes who support their love at any cost like what was shown in Geet Hui Sabse Parai.

    Finally we want to see Rk loving n supporting Madhu.
    Plz don’t stop it.

  • zeenath

    jab tak 100 episode tak nahi jaata hum trp ko zaraa door rakhna chaahiye, trp is liye low hai ke uski sirf ekhi wajaa ye hai ke scene ko lambaa kheenchte hain shot by shot chehra bataana saat me music usko change kardenge to meri MADHUBALA aka DRASHTI DHAMI SUPER HIT

  • khusi roy

    actually madhubala mein dristhi aur viven ko romantic hona chaiya….tabhi trp bar sakti hai…..

  • shama baluch

    no it shouldn’t be off air,it is just taking off. and i ensure you it will be one of the best, because of its good story.

  • mandeep

    it is the best show. zaruri thodi na hai ke her story pyar se start hi ho i like this because it is different from others aur ham bhul kaise sakte hai ki nafreat hi pyar ki phele sidi hoti hai. agar nafrat hai to pyar bhi aye ga as vivan dsena’s first show pyar ki yeh ek kahani i love this show and want it to be continued

  • Sumit

    Its is gud serial .its nt like that all saas bahu serials.i love this serial.dnt off this show.plz

  • fatima

    I Love Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon Serial …….
    I Love Vivian Dsena ….. he is sooooooooooooooooooo cute
    …dont off this show

  • Mishti

    Madhubala is the best show right now, so why would they take it off the air. Drashti’s performance is outstanding and Vivian is doing a great job.

  • senthil


  • shri

    i wana watch this show at 11: 30pm pls pls

  • sharmizah

    its is a very good serial….and its a different story also plzzzz dont cancel tis show plz….

  • Ravindran

    The relationship between lead pair is shown too harsh and is not liked by public.the attractiveness of both is not well utilized.very good looking and very bad conduct concept is rejected.

  • V

    Good serial


      good serial….please dont stop it…

      • rachana

        this serial is just superb…im watchng this evry day..infact ths z the only show which im watchng on tv..

  • pooja

    Its al rubish who posted dese al thngs….madhubala rocks yar…..i lov dis show in comparision of other ghisipiti serials……

  • Kaur1

    I also agree that Madhubala show rocks. I am waiting for Today’s episode :)

  • Melina

    Do bring up some romance n lots of smile in madhu’s n RK’s face the trp will fly

  • amangal

    TRP or no TRP.Irony is that audience has really got into watching rubbish otherwise they would have had loved the serial.Its fresh its fast and unpredictable.I wish it is saved otherwise there won’t be anything left worth watching except Yeh rishta kiya kehlata hai and Bade achay lagte hain.

  • Sanaya

    No way! This is the best show currently on Indian television! How can it go off air so soon? I watch this show for vivian. He is so fit! His character however needs to calm down a little. Trp will go sky high as soon as vivian starts falling in love with madhu (like Arnav & Khushi)

  • Sanaya

    Please do not make this show go off air!
    Everyone please watch it to increase TRP!!

  • sweet.heer

    best serial..drishti dhami ur a no 1 actress in india..perfect beauty …plz don’t end this show all family watch this serial…vd and dd ….made for each other…best couple…

  • shayal

    Madhubala is the best serial, i love Vivian and Drashti!

  • romarawal

    Nahiiiii.abhi essi episod se to achaaa lga tha…madhubala…………..

  • varsha

    rk and madhu rocks.fadu performance.trp should be no1 according to the performances

  • amit

    no1 serial than all rotle shows mainly like stupid serials like sasural simar ka and balika vadhu having no sense completely nonsense.madhubala and rk are rockstars.

  • charu

    please stop stupid and nonsense serials like sasural simar ka and balika vadhu.simar and roli knows only crying and they dont know acting.madhubala is best serial on colours nowa days.

  • savi

    hey..this news is rubbish! i m watchin this show frm day 1.yes…there had been sm borin episodes initially bt now d show rocks. evry thng is nice…specially show of colors…totally diff. storyline wid b’ful lead!for d frst time..colors is showin a gutsy woman wid beauty n brain..evn rk’s charactr is also awesm.
    hats off 2 d team! best of luck!!

  • savi

    donno…y this news has cm up???mr. writer..jst go thru all d comments below..u ll know how popular d show is ….espcially among those who dont lyk saas bahu’s rona dhona.its lyk a breath of fresh air. d whole star cast is suprb and concept is new.i really luv this show.let it prove itself. i know it will b no. 1.

  • savi

    my best wishes r wid MB!! jst prove this article wrong!

  • savi

    this is d only show which has forced me 2 watch it even online…so plzz stop this crap now!
    MB rocks…madhu n rk r fabulous!

  • Namrata Goswami

    This show is just ‘PERFECT’………….!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rituparna Ganguly

    Mr. blogger being a regular viewer of the show i will say the show is quite great. it’s true that TRP is important for a show but we all knw that TRP is a changeable thing, ups and downs occurs. but that doesn’t mean that if a show is facing a bit low TRP instantly i’ll be taken off air..and speaking of storyline i didn’t find any similarity with kasauti zindagi kay or’s a different kind of show and yes refreshing.

  • manvika

    it should not b happened at all…….. d show mst nt get off air as the main track is going to start nw………

  • pooja roy

    hi todays episode was really boring there was much conversation between depalika and rk dont like to see them wanted to see conversation between RK AND MADHU their cats and dog fight that too in romantic way is much fun hope to see that

  • divya srivastava

    what d crap is all dis????this show is jst perfect ,i watch dis each nd every tym it is telecasted on television including its repeat episodes too,i even watch all d episode on net too.i just luv d show nd its concept.rk nd madhubala rock 2gether ,dey hv mind blowing chemistry b/w dem ……juzz luv d show..all d bst guys may d MB gets on 1st in terms of bst wishes wid d show

  • divya srivastava

    guys plz watch d show nd increase its trp MADHUBALA on 8:30p.m only on colors plzzzzzzzz watch it………plzplzplz

  • naina

    This is the best show going on right now.
    I love this show a lot. actually I watch this for RK(Vivien) he is a super star indeed. You rock Vivien.

    • Nikita

      You are absolutely right Naina

  • ajmeer

    Sorry guys ! but i think show is becoming really boring !
    i prefer Ek hazaaron mei meri behna hai which is airing at the same time slot …there are too much overeactings in madhubala

  • neha

    oh guys please this is article is just a stunt

  • mihika

    this show is my favorite show.please continue it. suggetions :
    RK does not die and the sizzing romance inceases.

    They both love each other madhu’s father and RK’s mother &father get against their love.

    The time of show telicast changes.

  • sofiyana

    pleas RK don’t die

  • navika

    pls continue the show

  • aarohi

    please change the time slot of madhubala ek ishk ek junoon.

  • Nikita

    Please don’t stop the show. It’s really interesting and everyone loves this show. I think the show much go on ;)

  • Meher

    After Geet hui sabse parayi this is my most favorite show… plz do not let this show go off air. We love drashti & vivan and look fwd to their relationship progressing in the coming episodes.

  • nitya

    RK should get the show out of the channel…

  • nitya

    vivian should be thrown out of the show…he don’t know acting…..

    • Kiran

      This show better not go off air, it has only been couple of months so how can it go off air also many more romantic scenes between RK and Madu to happen. This is a great show and one of the best I have seen, Drashti and Vivian are both my favourite. Both are doing a great job, Drashti beautiful, stunning and cute as ever. Vivian cute and beautiful smile, a killer smile and you can’t take your eyes off him when he smiles.

    • shallu

      you so stupid don’t know what is real acting

  • neha

    rk is doing very good job and i don’t think this will stop

  • Kritika

    Vivian bhaiya u r my favourite u r so sweet and ur smile is very cute i wish u and vahbiz for your marriage . You r the real star and i think u r the best actor in the world

  • Shreyashi

    Vivian tumi koto bhalo tumi amar sob theke fav ami tumar acting bhalo bhasi

  • neha

    vivian your acting skills are so good,& i love this show after pkyek i am watching this show regularly

  • Anny kharat

    RK Aap bohot hi cute ho

  • Preeti bisht

    Rk apki smile style baat krne ka andaj. Chlne ka andaj. Muje behad psand h. Aap bahut he ache actor ho. Apki hr ada pe me fida hu. Kash ki tum mere rk hote. I love u to i love u love u rk. Jb aap biwi biwi bolte ho to achha lgta h. Apka gussa hona v muje behad psand h. So smart boy

  • neha upadhyay

    rk you are just fab. and your dialogs are ossom

  • anagha

    Madhubala is become a part of my life.. its my no.1 show.. i watched each episode twice or thrice, just to see rk n madhu.. i dont think, this show will go off air in near future.. there will be a lot to get happen.. just RK-Madhu love story starts..

  • shivani

    this show is too good it should not go off air

  • NIB

    This is super show and it is no1 show I like both vivian and drashati this show get good trp inshallah the acting an dailogs of rk is really ossume and madhu rk made best onscreen jodi love you vivian and drashti

  • Crazyfans

    We are the crazy fans of Drashti who madly in love with her show MBEIEJ. we do not want to read an article like this within next five years.

  • Ashi

    Vivian and drashti u r the best couple.i love u both n ur serial madhubala ek ishq ek junoon.

  • subhransu

    This show is one of the best show in television . Drasti dhami is my favourite actress.her acting skill , beauty and vivian’s dialouge goes up the show,in future the chemistry of them signs of increasing trp.luv u drasti

  • palak parashar

    rk u r just awesome ,plz don’t change ur style.all rubbish is written in dis article,it’ll go far beyond.

  • Ydnas

    The best soap ive watched! Original! Keep it up guys!

  • sangeeta

    RK and MADHU are ossam couple..the rock the show… this show will continue.. madhu is sooo cute and yes Rishabh kundra I luv u

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  • Rose

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  • preety

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  • preety

    Plzzzz madhubala off air mat karo..v all like n love the story or full star cast…is se bakwas or bahot sare hero,heroine aur bakws story wale show chalu hai pehle unhe bandh karo…lol….

  • savi

    please don’t this to your viewers

  • anonyomous

    amrit manthan tough competion 4 madhubala i’ve never seen such an bakwas and idiotic soap like that so plzzzzz never ever compare madhubala wid amritmanthan

  • musicgirl

    Guys, you should check again with the trps because the recent seems pretty high so please don’t insult their chemistry and the story.

  • fia

    Plz madhubala ko off air na kro.this is the best show.we luv rk n madhubala…..plz plz plz….:(

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  • jenny


  • asmafathima

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  • shabnaaz

    i dont think it will go off air this soon its not even a year it aired and your talking abt going off air the trp is not that bad the show is still on the top show .and its the best show ever .as for the trp not for only madhubala all the shows face this problem sometime its up and sometime down that does not mean it will go off air this soon we have many things and twist to see aboe and dont compare madhubala with other show coz its very different from other show and the best .we have to see madhu to become an actresse in the show now this track has not even start yet and talking abt going off air is not the right thing .madhbala rockssss drashti and vivian are superb love you both

  • Oommahani

    Totally disagree. However, the show certainly needs some more twists and turns. RK should come back as the rude, and naughty man! Drashti’s sister should be replaced by another more performing actress, and madhu should be the promising actress, mentioned earlier, where RK could become jealous of her success and he totally drops down, and become a normal man. Ideas do not lag. Actors like vivian and drashti are very good. They should also don’t hesitate to be together, there is some distance between them, why? Because of their private life? Private life should be kept away from professional life if you want to succeed in tellywood or bollywood!

  • Rishabhs

    Pls dont off this show it is the best serial ever
    RK and madhu rocks

  • Roxta

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  • tanmaya

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  • aqsa

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  • Nathulaldak

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  • Shrey gupta

    Did R.K. and Madhu can be seen together once again in future???
    If not,
    the story have to be changed and make Madhu positive about R.K.
    If this is not happened the serial may not go long because the viewers are quite angry because of serial’s dismiss or great twist in R.K. and Madhu’s life……..

  • Nathulaldak

    Pls don’t seperate Rk and madhubala I request director. Pls show some romance between Rk and madhubala .madhubala should marry Rk not sultan.plsssssssss

  • abhilesha

    there is no need for the serial to go off air…. and talking about the TRPs they are very good and if there is any problem in the story solve it( create some positivity for rk in madhu’s heart and mind)

  • Nathulal

    Plsssssss I request the director pls show madhubala and rk positive not negative show some romance between them madhubala should marry to rk nt sultan plssssdd

  • aruna

    hello sir

  • Nathulaldak

    Sir pls don’t separate madhubala Rk show some romantic and loving sequence pls request you sir Rk should marry madhubala not sultan pls director sir

  • Nathulaldak

    Sir pls don’t separate madhubala Rk show some romantic and loving sequence pls request you sir Rk should marry madhubala not sultan pls director sir

  • sikha sharsar

    wht non sense is goin on ? its so pathetic 2 c madhubala obeyin rk lik a puppet,whrz her self respect ? has she forgotten all d humiliations given by rk? hw can she do so,dis is degrading d women repo.
    writers shud bring som boldness & bravery in d female lead of d soap,dnt show women 2 b so fragile & weak…..
    m jst gettin disgusted wit madhu’s character so no wonder y d trp’s descending …..buck up producers..!!!!

  • kohena

    yes i totally agree wid u.madhubala is the only show which does nt shw any crap type romance

  • gudiya

    no we r totally disagree wid this news

    we dont want to see off air of this show …

  • Rishabh

    go to hell ..who said d trp is low ?

    bloody hell befr look at d trp ..
    such a crap news …

  • Rajni kashyap

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  • Megha Awasthi

    No ways….it will not end cauz it is the no.1 serial on colors…..if channel will end this show then no one will watch this channel and colors grp will soon get down……I think channel should not take this risk……

    • Mrs. Singh

      Throw away Sultan from this serial. Otherwise, public will stop watching the serial. Disgusting guy – Sultan! We want only RK & Madhu

  • sagarika

    what rubbish.i disagree with is the top most show & remain forever.i have never missed a single episode . it will surely grow up with more trps.

  • priti

    Madhubala is the best show in television and yes,madhubala will not go off air but because of madhubala other showsmay go off air because it is de served by the show to continue for atleast(minimum) 6 to 7 yrs and complete more than 2000 episodes………..As the leads and the characters are fabulous………………..and I totally disagree to this..