Is Madhuri Dixit really necessary for ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’?

Is Madhuri Dixit really necessary for ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’?

The actor is returning to judge season 5 of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, this time on Colors

The rumours can be put to rest. Madhuri Dixit Nene will be back to judge Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa this year. There had been a lot of speculation about her return ever since she was declared as the brand ambassador and sutradhaar of Life Ok, a new channel that is competing with Sony and other Hindi General Entertainment Channels (GECs). JDJ has aired on Sony for the past four seasons and it didn’t seem likely that we will get to see Mads on it. However, we hear the situation has now changed. JDJ has gone the Bigg Boss way – it will be aired on Colors from this year. The guys at Colors don’t seem to have any problems with Madhuri’s professional affiliations to a comparatively new channel. All they are looking at is the increased number of eyeballs that Madhuri will bring to their show making it a success for them.

Somehow, we are not quite convinced about that. First of all, the novelty of factor of seeing Madhuri on the small screen judging a show is no longer there. More than that, the important question is: what did Madhuri bring to JDJ season 4? Good clothes, a couple of performances and her famous smile. She commended almost all participants: the good ones gave ‘mindblowing’ performances while the not-so-good ones ‘made a good effort’. She doled out hugs and encouraging words but hardly offered any constructive criticism, which she should do as a judge. So we wouldn’t say her coming back is exciting enough for us to watch the show. What about you? Tell us!


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  • JR

    JDJ 4 got record TRP only for her. She did provide useful feedbacks. She never spoke negativeely about anyone and that is not necessary to eba good judg in a dance show. She is the best judge ever who never demoralizes anyone but helps everyone to improve.

  • Gem

    This definitely created by an outright Madhuri hater. You do not even have the facts with you. Not only her judgement was widely appreciated, the participants were also very happy with feedacks form her. No partiticpant likes when he/she is ridiculed by a judge. Head of channel Sony was grateful to her as she gave a big boost to the opening of the show also he said how honest a judge she is. The word “honest judge” is what he used about her.

  • sumi

    i must say that d writer is a MADHURI HATER. JDJ 4 is d highest trp show of 2011. so it will be 2012. yeh come on Madhuri haters…!! stop being jealous of her! MADHURI ROCKS!

  • gonewiththewind

    Even with actors stripping half their cloths off and trying all kind of extremes has difficulty getting their ratings up , and who want to watch same old face seen for last 20 years with same smile offering nothing but same masala and old dance moves. Common get real, if Ms Dixit wants to keep her appeal, the less exposure the better. I wonder if this is all publicity gimmick to bring her into limelight.
    Who in real mind will sponsor this show in first place when the original producers shunned away from it. I can bet my farm that after few days you will see news that the show is cancelled.

  • pravin

    came to tis website just because I googled for Madhuri name. I didnt evn know such a website exists.

    Madhuri is a big name in bollywood. The most complete actress and I watched the show just because of Madhuri. She is not harsh or loud person like other judges we see who does all stupid fights for PUBLICITY. She is real and want to encourge participants not demotivate. we love her and want to see everywhere. The show was and will be become even bigger just because of the true dancing diva MADHURI DIXIT NENE. Love her.

  • Rita

    JDJ4 became the highest TRP grossing show ever in TV. No other dance reality show gets even half the TRP. It was all due to Madhuri’s presence. This show is nothing without her.

    • madformadhuri

      completely agree with you Rita

  • tash kiddo

    With every other Reality TV getting to all sort of cheap tactic.. the presence of Madhuri (her indian self) and no drama filled season 4 is what made the show so popular.. in the previous season it was all sort of scripted dramas whereas season 4 had just dance and what the show actually stands for. Madhuri known for her dance.. just being there was a motivation of all the participants..

    Besides that it did bring the highest TRP for any show last year.. and that is cos people still love her and adore her no matter what she comes as.. be it a judge, a sutradhar or even in an ad.

    She shows the true indian-ness .. media needs to look at all sort of aspect before creating such stories… at the end of the day TRP speaks for itself.. doesn’t matter how or what anyone has to say. she has ruled and she will always have that…

  • Abhishek Mathur

    Madhuri Dixit is Best for everything. She is not only good Actress, but also an excellent Judge.

    I really do not used to watch JDJ till it’s 3 season. But i have started watching the show, just because of MADHURI DIXIT only.

    SO it’s silly if you asks such idiotic polls. Because Madhuri Dixit is a Legend. It’s “THE MADHURI” who grace the events not these events who Grace her.

  • Honey Mathur

    Obviously Madhuri Dixit is the greatest judge.

    • Iram John

      Obviously Should Be Madhuri Dixit <3

  • abhijeet

    i guess such stupid surveys should not be entertained at all
    madhuri has left nothing to prove
    ultimately,she id the queen of bollywood n her fans are bollywood stars themselves
    does anyone even remember that Jdj had judges like karishma kapoor n juhi,but they cud not even create a buzz on the show!!!
    The truth is she still rules peoples heart…

  • ashoksingh

    you are meant for big screen i love to see you in the remake of sahib bibi aur gulam as choooti bahu as i see no one to the standard of meena kumari and your voice will work magic please give us good movies with new talented directors

  • Priyalovesmadhuri

    MADHURI DIXIT IS THE BEST, I only have colors for madhuri if she is not on jhalak then bye bye colors for me

  • swati

    It is really a ridiculous question. you are asking what madhuri has given to JDJ? Just good clothes and some performances!
    It is like you are asking a diamond, You only glitters and shines what else you do.

  • 007

    I don’t understand what’s the problem here. If she is giving encouraging comments or her good clothes?

    Madhuri Dixit is a persona herself! She is a legend and a legend can only buck up the new breed! This is a sign of good appreciation. She is not envying the new talented, she is actually supporting her by giving them a supporting comments.

  • mad4md

    Madhuri Dixit is Goddess and no one is near her, Yes she is Greatest judge any channel have.

  • Anastasia

    This is a very eaenlgt and informed opinion of Devdas, and I appreciate that. Dola Re Dola is one of the finest song and dance numbers ever filmed, and the rest of the film, while at time wincingly melodramatic, is dazzling to look at.

  • pami

    C is 4evr ourz febzzz

  • Anubhav Shrivastava

    What Madhuri Dixit gave?? what a stupid and ridiculous question…. She gave the Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 4, huge TRPS…. She helped Sony to get huge ratings. Because of her the Season 4 became the most rated season of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa and one of the most rated reality show of recent times. She is the Goddess of Bollywood!!

  • mandar

    film industry me 25 saal pure hone ke baad bhi madhuri itni badi star hai unhe log itna pasand karte hai tabhi toh madhuri ko phir se jdj me judge rakha gaya hai. likhne wala lagta hai bahot jalta hai madhuri ki sucsess se. ab madhuri itni talented hai toh unhe kaam toh milega hi. Jalne valon se mai yahi kahunga ke jal jal ke apna khoon mat jalao bus jdj enjoy karo.