Is Mahie Gill jealous of Sunny Leone?

The two ladies are having their respective releases pitted against each other on the same Friday

Mahie Gill has been promoting her upcoming release Gang of Ghosts in every possible way and she is not at all scared that her film is releasing on the same Friday as that of Sunny Leone’s Ragini MMS 2. We have seen in the past when two films release on the same Friday one of them earns big while the other tends to go unnoticed. So is Mahie jealous of the sexy Sunny Leone? We ask…

“I think Sunny is a beautiful Punjabi girl. In fact I was offered a film with her called Tina & Lolo, but that time I was shooting something else, so things did not really work out” informs the Sahib Biwi Gangster actor praising the former adult film star. We wonder whether the sexy Sunny Leone would also have some comments about Mahie. Does she even know who Mahie is, as the two have hardly had any confrontations before….

Only time will tell us which movie will take the bigger share and which would just prove to be a spoilsport. Keep watching this space to find that out!