Is Manoj Bajpayee money minded?

It seems that the Satyagraha actor is all set to work for money rather than just for good roles…

Manoj Bajpayee, who has been in the industry for over two decades now and has been enthralling his audiences with great performances since Pinjar, Satya and his recent Gangs of Wasseypur and Special 26 recently, made a statement that has raised many eyebrows, ours included. So what was did he say, you ask?

In a recent interview Bajpayee said, “At this point of time, money is the most important factor for me. I am at a stage today where I can tell people that if you have the money, then only take me in your film. It’s high time that filmmakers stop tempting me with good roles and don’t pay me,”

And we thought that the actor was all about good roles rather than a fat pay cheque. Ha ha! Looks like Manoj Bajpayee literally stands by the Hindi proverb: “Baap bada na bhaiyya, sabse bada rupaiyaa