Is Minissha showing her violent side?

Ms Lamba admits that she can lose her temper with people who ‘fry her brains’, the only exception being the charming Vinay Pathak

Bheja Fry 2 is Minissha Lamba’s first attempt at comedy and she knows that it is not the easiest thing to do. “It’s easy to make people cry, but it’s most difficult to make them laugh, especially in a film. While performing, you might find a particular scene funny, but it could fall flat when people actually watch it in the theatre. I have also seen this get reversed. You try to do something serious and people in the theatres end up laughing!” she says. While she really enjoyed getting her bheja fried with Vinay’s antics during the shooting the movie, she admits that in real life, when people try to fry her brains, she could lose her sense of humour and perspective. “I could slap people who fry my bheja, as they are not as charming as Vinay Pathak (and presumably the friendly Customs officials, too) is,” she says. Well, there’s another thing that annoys the actor— the Mumbai heat. “I think the heat in this city really fries my brains!” Now, let’s see how this angry young woman tickles your funny bones in the film!