Is Naino mein sapna from Himmatwala comparable to the original song?: Watch video

Fri, February 8, 2013 1:32pm IST by
Is Naino mein sapna from Himmatwala comparable to the original song?: Watch video

Amit Kumar-Shreya Ghoshal recreate the Kishore Kumar-Lata Mangeshkar number, while Ajay Devgn and Tamannaah attempt to ape the Jeetendra-Sridevi jodi

Naino mein sapna from Himmatwala was an iconic number of the ’80s, and anyone who tries to redo it, will find it tough to recreate the magic. So does director Sajid Khan succeed or fall flat on his face?

As far as the composition goes, music directors Sajid-Wajid don’t add anything new or ear-grabbing to the original. Amit Kumar pays a tribute to his father by singing this song and even though is voice seems digitally modified, it is perfect for the era. Shreya Ghosal tries hard to fill the lofty shoes of Lata Mangeshkar, but the talented singer is unable to do anything special.

Yes, the matkas, the colourful props and the beach setting make this one a great replica of the original, but the blah chemistry between Ajay Devgn and South babe Tamannaah is a major dampener. Ajay looks totally disinterested in doing the Jeetendra style dance moves – he doesn’t even complete some of his steps. It’s almost as if he wanted to get done with all this and move on to shoot the next action sequence. And we really expected a lot more masti from choreographer Farah Khan, who is a self-confessed lover of the cinema of the ’80s. Her dhin tana from Om Shanti Om was a lot funkier.

Tamannaah is definitely one of hottest South sirens, but the cleavage revealing clothes, close-up shots of hips et al just aren’t sexy enough. Guess we miss the curves, the grace and the expressions of Sridevi, even as we watch this one.

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  • farin


  • gnp

    It neither compete or comparable with the voices of Lata and Kishore Kumar at all.

    Lata and Kishore are legends and their voices can’t be replaced.
    The song does not have a feel as original one.
    If you look at songs of Don and Don2 from original Don. They have that charm and feeling in the music.

    although it was nice try but sorry Shreya and Amitji. you must have worked hard but still soul is missing in it.

  • Ralph

    HECK NO!! THe girl is very bad.. she cant dance at all.. and the singer has a nasaly voice.. shryea ghoshal, no? NOTHING compared to Lata

    • saloni

      Get ur eyes and ears checked,consult a doctor.shreya ghoshal is fantastic,tamanaaah dances superb .its ajay and the male singer who fall short……

      See tamaanah’s telugu songs she dances terrific

  • Fahim Khan Arya


  • satyarth

    Sridevi will be Sridevi. No one can touch her.



  • mithu

    for all

  • mithu

    i hope my GF LIKE ALIA BHATT

  • Mohan Mondal

    place see the video

  • sachchidanand


  • kamal

    Well its fine….the song ok,not great,its the fault of the composer,he didnt make any effort to improvise the song.singers are not to be blamed at all!

    Shreya is a fab singer.tammanah does well(offcourse no one can match sridevi)but she serves the purpose,in south she is praised for her dancing abilities,and even if people find her not upto the mark,then its totally farah to be blamed.And ajay is horrible,god knows why sajid casted him,he is very talented but horrible dancer and does not suit to play jeetu ji.

  • kapil panchal