Is Nasha actor Shivam upset?

Surprisingly, even though he sees Poonam Pandey hogging the limelight, the lad is unruffled – it was bound to happen, he says

Poonam Pandey’s erotic debut Nasha belongs solely to her, not because she plays the lead in it, but because the buzz – good, bad and otherwise – that the promos is earning is all due to the bombshell and nothing else. But Shivam, the youngster who stars opposite the bootylicious Ms Pandey and is said to be playing a pivotal role is not really bothered about being ignored at the various promotional events for the film. Hmm… so understanding, no?

“I know Poonam Pandey will bring in a lot of audience for the film, which is only good for me. My job was to give my best in the two hours. After that if the marketing is focussing more on Poonam, that is not a problem for me,” Shivam said in an interview. “People know her and she will bring recognition to my performance in the film. So I don’t really care – my two hours in the film are my moments; that’s where I want to shine.”

That sounds terribly noble and all that, but we cannot help thinking that Shivam is ok with what is happening because he realises that he has no choice. Or could it be because he would rather not be categorized with the oh-so-classy Ms P?