Is Nigaar Khan doubtful about sister Gauahar Khan’s future with Kushal Tondon?

Nigaar Khan on Gauahar Khan Kushal Tondon's relationship

It seems the elder sister is not too sure about her sibling’s affair… Does she know something about Gauahar that we don’t?

Gauahar Khan‘s elder sister Nigaar Z Khan believes it’s too early to predict whether the Bigg Boss 7 winner will marry co-contestant Kushal Tandon, saying, “Let’s not hatch eggs before they are laid.” Their mother believes things can be taken forward if Gauahar so desires.

At a press meet here, their mother, Razia was asked if she would get Gauahar and Kushal married. She said, “Gauahar is a very intelligent girl. If she wants, then we will definitely take things forward.”

However, Nigaar said one needs to wait a bit to watch what the future holds. “Let’s not hatch eggs before they are laid. It’s something very sweet and we saw two people respect and support each other. Let’s not think about what will happen in the future. Let’s be happy about today,” Nigaar said here. “Even you (media) can’t guarantee what will happen in the future, then how can Gauahar. If they both stay with each other, then let’s see,” she added.

Nigaar also took her sister’s side by saying that she wouldn’t make statements just to attract good ratings for a show. “Gauahar is not a girl who will say something only for ratings. If she has said ‘I love you’ to Kushal on national television, then she definitely must have felt it at that moment and is why she said it,” Nigaar said.

Gauahar won the seventh season of the show, and walked away with Rs 50 lakh at the grand finale held on December 28.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Mosaddique

    I would agree with the Nigaar approach.

    The couple need to take things slowly and move forward cautiously and not in haste.
    A relationship born out of living in close proximity and mutual support needs to be tested in the wider world before they fully commit to each other.

    Nobody has yet said anything about the wishes of the Tandon family. Has any one from that side said anything about this relationship yet? Are they happy or not? Does that matter to the couple?

    • Sandeip Kapoor

      No it does not matter to them. Khujals parents know this that their son is in the habit of “idhar udhar muh marna”. Thora time Chod-Peet” ke chor dega Gobar ko.

  • Sandeip Kapoor

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