Is Pooja Bhatt exploiting Sunny Leone?

Tue, July 31, 2012 12:59pm IST by
Is Pooja Bhatt exploiting Sunny Leone?

What else can you think when the director sahiba gets a real life porn star to play a porn star in the film!

At the press conference to promote Jism 2, the film’s director Pooja Bhatt took great pride in announcing that she had altered the leading lady’s background to that of a porn star when real-life adult film star Sunny Leone came on board for the project. That’s not all. The actor-turned-director sahiba was highly impressed with herself for being the first to cast the Bigg Boss 5 hottie and present a new femme fatale to the Indian audience.

And then we started taking a better look at all the promo material that was being released – the trailers, the songs, the images…and all that made us wonder if Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter’s so-called noble and courageous act is not selfish and exploitative in nature! By casting adult film star Sunny as a porn star and getting her to strip, kiss and make out onscreen with so few inhibitions – something that any other actor would probably shy away from – Pooja has definitely taken advantage of her leading lady’s background.

But wethinks the Canada-born Indian actor was always fully aware that her infamous image would be harped on for all the mileage required to make the film a hit. Don’t you think so too? Or else why would Sunny take up the role of a porn star in a film too? Clearly both Pooja and Sunny knew it was a win-win situation. With Jism 2 the director hopes to add a hit film to her kitty and Sunny makes a big and bold entry into Bollywood.

However, we thought about something else. If the adult star-turned-feature film actor aspires to make a flourishing career in mainstream movies in B-world, she’s going to be highly disappointed. In an industry that is extremely conscious of an actor’s image, and rather prudish in spite of the ‘liberal’ mask it collectively likes to wear, Sunny will be restricted to roles that require sex and sleaze onscreen, wethinks. If the buxom babe desires to work with leading production houses in big-budget films opposite superstars, that will most likely stay a dream. After all, both production houses and audiences prefer ‘family’ films, no?

From that point of view, Pooja’s film Jism 2 certainly has exploited Sunny’s image and experience. While the film provides a grand and eye-grabbing platform for the Canadian adult star to step into B-town on, it mars any chance she has to do mainstream commercial movies here. And wethinks eventually every actor aspires to be part of the clean, entertaining movies that audiences flock to see. A certain Ms Mallika Sherawat or Ms Poonam Pandey would vouch for that!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • kundaraj

    sunny leone are very sexy girl

  • G thomre

    This reporter seems to be very jealous of Sunny Leone and Pooja Bhatt. LOL

  • anamul

    bollywood is like family where we expect something good but mahesh bhat did totally wrong to bring a porn girl to bollywood i my family members never will watch tis movie i hate sunny and mahesh for this

  • wqefrd

    I don’t think she will ever be a part of a mainstream Bollywood film with any superstar because for every dirty actress with a dirty image like Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey and Sheryln Chopra, there is a popular family friendly actress who is a sex symbol such as Bipasha Basu (Dhoom 2, All The Best, No Entry, etc.), Mallika Sherawat (Welcome, Pyar Ke Side Effects, Murder, etc.), Esha Gupta (Chakravyuh, etc.), and even the likes of Jacqueline Fernandez Housefull 2, Race 2, etc.) and Kangana Ranaut (Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, Double Dhamaal, Tezz, No Problem, etc.) were also labelled as sex symbols in some point of their careers. So there is definately no chance of Sunny Leone making it big in Bollywood!

  • Thila

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  • Thila

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  • Thila

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  • sachin prajapati

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